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    Well I just completed my first semester of foundation courses (NSC 232, 242 and 252) at EKU and it KILLED me! I know I'm not getting into the BSN program. The med math tests at Eastern are what kill most people...they don't allow calculators (unlike most other nursing schools). I'm looking at ADN programs at Midway, BCTC and Campbellsville now.
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    I know that this post is super old, but I saw there were a lot of EKU students here so I wanted to post my question. So I applied to the ADN program at EKU, i was told that the acceptance letters would be sent out by the first week of April. Seeing todays date, they have already been sent out. My question is, is there a way to find out if you got in online, like through the online student portal? I am asking because thats how I found out I got into the college about a week before I got my letter. My current GPA, classes taken, assigned advisor, and everything where already showing, and the acceptance letter was available to view as well.