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    Yes, you have to take BIO 137 and 139 though. There is a lecture and a lab component for both of them. Shirley Whitescarver is the best. Hands down. I love her.

    There are separate classes you can take but I'm pretty sure that EKU needs you to have a lab for at least one of them and you really get a better understanding of the material if you have the lab. Which you will need once you're in nursing school. Hope this helps! Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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    EKU here as well. Graduating from the BSN in approx. 2 months. If there are any questions, let me know.
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    Congrats CestLaVie! Where are you right now for clinical?
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    I am looking into going to EKU for the accelerated second degree BSN. What are the odds that I will get in with a 3.0 previous GPA from my first degree, and a 3.0 in my pre-req's?
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    BSN program getting ready to start my junior year...LOVING IT SO FAR!!
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    You should be fine. I think people under a 3.0 are the ones who need to worry.
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    Well I just completed my first semester of foundation courses (NSC 232, 242 and 252) at EKU and it KILLED me! I know I'm not getting into the BSN program. The med math tests at Eastern are what kill most people...they don't allow calculators (unlike most other nursing schools). I'm looking at ADN programs at Midway, BCTC and Campbellsville now.

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