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    you can apply to as many programs as you want, or at least that is the impression i was given. i applied to both BSN and ADN programs at EKU and was not accepted into BSN so i took the ADN route. i have heard ABSN is very selective..i also heard that they have not accepted anyone into the program who had less than a 3.8 gpa in their former degree (not to scare you off!) I also know the adn program does their acceptance through a point system and if the cut off is usually around a 60 or so and if you have a former degree in anything you automatically get 20 points..and if you have a 20 or higher on the ACT that's another 10 points.

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    Yeah their point system is why I am applying there as a backup. I had a good SAT score and the pre-reqs done, so I should be ok. I love how quick the ABSN program is but my GPA is sad. I screwed up early in my college career and failed an entire semester which tanked my GPA. My grades have been good since then but my GPA never recovered. I am at BCTC now retaking pre-reqs and the CNA class required for their program.
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    i'm applying too!! have you heard anything yet??
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    I have not heard anything, other than that I am accepted to EKU. Nothing from the nursing program. I am worried that my transcripts didn't all make it on time. I am not even sure who to call.

    I have several classmates who are in the BCTC nursing program now and they all say that they wish they had gone to EKU. I am an alternate for BCTC's program now.
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    You may want to check about that former degree points given. I think it's only 10.
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    Try contacting either Amber Gray or Brondalyn Riley. Their email addresses are listed on the website.

    Please let me know when you hear back from them! I'm dying to find out.
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    This may be irrelevant at this point - but I wanted to make a few points about getting into the ABSN track at EKU. I finished applying (one of my recommenders didn't write a letter and didn't tell me, it was a nightmare) in February and was accepted in April. I had a 3.14 GPA from my previous degree from Purdue, but I had a 4.0 from BCTC where I was taking my prerequisites. I was also currently taking Physiology when I applied. I want to put this out there because a lot of people don't think they qualify but you need to apply anyway!! If they required a 3.8 GPA from your previous degree, it would need to be posted on the application, otherwise why would they even waste their time with everyone else? Also, since I was still taking one of my pre-requisites I was sure I wouldn't get in but I did. Please, please, please apply even if you don't think you have a chance. Because if you have a passion and it reflects in your essay and those that recommend you know that you are very committed to this career path it will help you. There were over 140 applicants this past year and 30 were offered spots in the program. They told me in the office that many applicants were neck and neck and the decisions were very difficult. That just goes to show that if you have made the choice to go back to school and you're dedicated then it can help you more than your so-so first GPA. Hope this helps future applicants!
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    Do you know how much the preq. are vs gpa and references. I won't have completed any of the science preq by the time I apply but had a 3.8 gpa in grad school. Do I have a shot? I will be enrolled in 2 this spring and could take the other 2 this summer but do you think this is really bad?
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    I don't know how much they weigh them against each other if that is what you're asking. If you are apply for the 2nd degree you have to have all of the pre-reqs done before you start the program and I'm pretty sure that they only enroll in the fall. I was missing physiology and I know two of my classmates were missing microbiology, but I don't know about everyone else (there are 24 of us). If you have a chance I would call the office and talk to Theresa Dunn and maybe set up a tour or something. That way they will know who you are and that you're interested in the program.
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    Thanks! I also saw where you said you did your prereqs at BCTC. Did you take the Anatomy and Phys BIO 137 class there or are there 2 separate classes I don't know about. I wasn't sure if EKU would accept the Anatomy and Phys class instead of taking them separately?

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