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besides uofl and uk, what other school in the area offer bsn programs. when i apply next year should i apply to more than one? my advisor said not to but i want to maximize my chances... Read More

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    Yes- you take 1 exam that covers all the material, to get credit for the course. Some CLEPs give a letter grade, but most are pass/fail.

    Here's the official CLEP website. And UofL's CLEP info page.

    REA makes CLEP study guides you can buy, but you can get some Cliff's Notes study guides for free.

    You might save yourself some money and time by CLEPping certain courses. I'm not sure if U of L places a limit on how many credits you can CLEP, so you may want to ask your advisor.

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    Do you know if UofL graduate nurses get any special priority hiring at UofL hospital? Just something I was wondering. It would be cool but have never heard anything like it.
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    Not that I remember, but they do prefer BSNs, as do all the local hospitals. No matter where you get your BSN, you'll be marketable.
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    cool, unrelated but anyone else going to thunder?

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