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Hi all! I am planning on attending Bellarmine's accelerated BSN program if I am accepted once I apply i apply for the spring 2013 cohort. I am already nervous. Does anyone know the acceptance rate for the program? Do a lot of... Read More

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    I just learned today that I got acccepted into Bellarmine's 2nd degree nursing program. I'm looking forward to meeting my classmates.

    Does anyone have an idea on where they plan to live? I''ll be moving from San Francisco.

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    Hi froggirl76,

    Thanks for providing insight into your experience. I recently got accepted. I would like to know how far the clinical sites are from campus? Is it necessary to have a car? I'll be moving from San Francisco and hadve to find a place to live. Can you recommend any places? My email is


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    I am moving from Portland, so I have no idea where to live! I grew up outside San Francisco and I am anxious about moving across the country!

    Are you attending the event in Feb? I decided to fly out there that week and look for an apartment. If you get any good tips let me know! I need a pet friendly apartment complex =)
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    Hi pdxjenn,

    No, I don't plan on going to the event in Feb. Currently, I'm looking at places online. Living in a safe neighborhood is important to me. I found several complexes that look appealing and they're pet friendly. Are you on the Bellarmine FB page? I was recently added by Julie.

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    I will add you on facebook! It would be nice to live in the same complex as other people in the program for carpooling, study groups etc. I am planning on checking out places when I am there in Feb, and a safe neighborhood is a big one for me as well. I can do some research while I am there and let you know what places look good =)
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    Hi everyone! For those who have questions about where to live, I would recommend living in the Highlands, where Bellarmine is actually located. That part of town is mainly neat old houses split up into apartments. A lot of the best apartments in this area are found on Craigslist. Landlords love to rent to Bellarmine students in this area so keep that in mind. Clinicals will mainly be held downtown so a car is somehwat necessary as it is a couple of miles away.

    I currently live in a house we own in Old Louisville. This area has a bad reputation, but we love it and have NEVER had any issues. We have lived here for over four years on and off and we love it. If I can provide any advice or answer any questions let me know! I don't get on this site very often, but feel free to email me at
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    I live in Louisville and completely agree with ashbaker05. I have been looking at some places in the highlands already and have found tons of really nice and close apartments. If anyone has questions etc about things in Louisville you can email me too
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    Hey guys I am thinking of applying to the may 2013 I hope it is not too late, I wanted to know if the admission committee will accpet ppl who have pre-req finals after the start date. I would also love to know hat where others who got accepted into the programs gpa? I think mines is a bit low.
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    Hi Everyone ! Just got my acceptance to Bellarmine. I'm just curious how some are footing the 50k tuition? I'm at a crossroads right now and not sure i'm going to be able to bridge the gap. I'm waiting for them to process my FAFSA and let me know what options I have.

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