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Hi all! I am planning on attending Bellarmine's accelerated BSN program if I am accepted once I apply i apply for the spring 2013 cohort. I am already nervous. Does anyone know the acceptance rate for the program? Do a lot of... Read More

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    I believe they have rolling admissions! So if you on NursingCAS and fill out the application online you can probably get yours in a about a week or so!

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    Hi all! I've been accepted for the May 2013 cohort as well. I'm excited but VERY nervous, because I know it's going to be a challenge. I retire from the Army this year, and nursing is all I've ever wanted to do, just not in the Army. Bellarmine was the quickest way for me to get closer to my dream. If anyone has more survival tips to offer I'd be happy to take them!

    Not that it matters, just curious. What's the age range of accelerated students? Am I going to be the oldest? (39)
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    I'm 26 but I think the age range is variable due to it being a second bachelors degree program. I would email the head of admissions and ask her what the typical age range is.
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    I think the deadline is November 1st for Nursingcas but bellarmine will take applications after that--at least thats how it was last year!
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    Hello future nursing students! I'm currently in the 1 year Accel BSN program and wanted to give you some encouragement and words of wisdom.

    First of all, it's tough, but doable. I'm 36 and have a 3 year old daughter. It's a lot to juggle, but as long as you have a strong support system, you can make it work. A lot of my weekends and down-time are spent studying, but I do manage to get in some quality time with my family and friends as well. You will work very hard, but you will be amazed at how quickly you advance in the program and just how much you learn in such a short period of time.

    I only know a couple of people who still work while doing the program. They are mostly techs or CNAs at local hospitals and just do one PRN shift a month so they can keep their positions.

    The comment about the deadline for registration is correct. NursingCAS has a November 1 "priority" deadline, but you can continue to apply after that. Get in touch with Julie Armstrong-Binnix if you haven't already. She's awesome, and will help you answer any questions about pre-reqs, expectations, and paying for your Bellarmine education. Julie's husband is a grad of the Accel program, so she knows first hand how demanding it is.

    Most of the instructors are fine with students recording the lectures, which helps tremendously when you are studying for exams. Just stay on top of your studies, and seek help if you need it. The Academic Resource Center on campus coordinates group study sessions with students who have already successfully completed the particular classes. Form a study group with your classmates. Remember that you are all in the same boat, and your fellow classmates will be a tremendous source of support.

    I am more than halfway through the program now. I am loving it, and am so happy that I made this decision. I come from a completely non-science background, and was a little scared at first. But with a lot of soul searching and the love and support of my family, I decided to take this step to improve my life. Bellarmine has a very well respected reputation, and as an Accel grad, you will have a huge leg up when it comes to finding a job, especially if you stay in the Louisville area.

    Good luck to all!
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    It is good to see other people provide feedback on the program. I have applied to the May 2013 program as well. I am glad to see others who are venturing into their second career. Armygirl good news for you I am also 39 so you aren’t alone. I would be nice to make friends prior to the beginning of class. Feel free to shoot me an email I'm curious are there others who are still taking their requisites? Has anyone had trouble getting the Professors to let you take the finals early?
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    I am starting this May as well! I am super nervous about moving across country ( I grew up in California and I live in Portland, Oregon currently) Does anyone have any recommendations for apartments? I have a small dog, so it would need to be pet friendly =)

    Cmarlowe- I am currently taking pathophysiology, but it will be done before May classes start because I am on a quarter system. I will shoot you an email and we can chat! Also, have you joined the program's Facebook page? I think that will be a good way for us to make friends with others in the program!
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    I'm currently applying to Bellarmine. My transcripts have been sent to Nursing CAS. Does anyone know how long Nursing CAS takes to evaluate the transcripts?

    Is pathophysiology a pre-req for Bellarmine?
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    It took them about 3 weeks to evaluate my transcript. Just sent in my application last week and am waiting to hear back.

    Patho is not a pre-req for Bellarmine
    -A & P
    are the science related ones for the program.

    Hope to see you all in May!!
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    Hi all-

    I was accepted to the program and have opted to do it over 2 years as opposed to 1. I just took a job as a Unit Secretary with Norton so I really want to keep it and have extra money. I don't have tons of bills, but I don't want to feel strapped. I wish i could do it in 1 year, but I don't think I will have enough money saved. Any ideas?

    Also-I need to take Micro still and am looking for a cheap 8 week course. Anybody have any insight?

    Thanks and I am excited to meet everyone!

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