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I applied for BCTC nursing program beginning fall 2011. I am thinking whoever applied should find out this week or next week. Anyone else here apply?... Read More

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    Jury can you give me some details on how the schedule works? Also, when we meet with advising for summer/fall what all do we need to get registered for classes. I have heard you can't register until you have all your titers etc done. I have yet to receive my package in the mail I am excited to be with a small group vs 100 at the main campus!!!

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    I was accepted to the Lawrenceburg program! Ready to get the ball rolling!
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    I just wished I would get the "offical packet" in the mail!! Congrats Kyle!!
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    I may try for here next year...im Tired of Ohio and plan on moving to Lexington anyways...All those who are in the program or who've been accepted...whats the classes like, how long is it there (semesters/quarter and how many of each) scores to get it and what the application process is like...etc...
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    This is a "fixing to be a 2nd year" BCTC (Cooper) student... GET YOUR PHARMACOLOGY DONE OVER THE SUMMER!!! Tests are all online (aka OPEN BOOK!). While this is a hugely important class it is nearly impossible to remember all they want you to remember and test over. Please please please save yourself the stress of doing OB, Med/Surg, and Pharm all in the same semester. If I wasn't already so far in the Pharm class I would drop it in a second and do it this summer.

    Also, there are quite a few us 1st years that have signed up for a "safety" spot in the summer pharm class. I am sure most of us will drop when we pass the class so if there are no spots there will be closer to the end of this semester.

    @Gamer- the cooper program is good but you've got to be flexable. They had a lot of faculty changes this semester (as in mid semester). but as a nurse you've got to be flexable and be patient with people. Some students get frustrated because things are changed last minute and seem unorganized. The instructors do want you to succeed. The classes are crazy tough so don't expect any free ride. If you did good in Bio 139 you will probably be Ok. If you barely got a C.... well.. just be prepared.
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    thanks! if i do decide to move there, my husband would be working but I would be doing nothing but school...so if that is my situation then I think i could handle it...if i would have to work and do it...it would probably be near impossible...but like i said i love Lexington, we have a lot of friends there, theres a lot of jobs there (in what my husband does which is merchandising) so if we moved there i wouldn't have to work, we could live with friends and i could solely concentrate on nursing...

    I am good in Bio classes, the only class i ever struggle in is Chemistry and I still manage a B in that class even then..and thats working 20+ hrs a week around it...I guess we'll see how the next 9 months play out and go from there....

    Thanks for your info though!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I got in to BCTC as well... does anyone know anyone currently in the program? I have applied to one more school but havent heard yet...

    Best of luck to you who didn't make it. I suggest to take the PAX test... I didn't do the best on my ACT (22) but got a 90% on the PAX test so I submitted that instead.

    Let me know if anyone has feedback on BCTC's current program!

    Thanks Kygirl! just saw your post!
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    Congrats to everyone who made it in!

    Does anyone know if alternates have much success in getting in? I'm #8 on the list for this fall..... do I have much of a shot??

    I met the criteria for rolling admissions, so I'm kind of confused about why I'm on the alternate list.... but hoping for the best!
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    Quote from KYfan100
    Congrats to everyone who made it in!

    Does anyone know if alternates have much success in getting in? I'm #8 on the list for this fall..... do I have much of a shot??

    I met the criteria for rolling admissions, so I'm kind of confused about why I'm on the alternate list.... but hoping for the best!
    Yes there were a few alternates that got in last year. I don't know the exact number but #8 seems like you have a fair chance. Many people have told me there were 140 rolling admission students who applied and as usual, only 100 accepted.

    Just a few other tips.... uniforms, don't bother buying them until they give you the link for the Meridy's site (if they are still using them). They are picky about the uniforms.. if the color is the same but a different style as the regular uniform, they will not let you wear it. Shoes... only white.. no color at all on the shoes (except maybe a little on the bottom).

    As for the required iphone/itouch and expensive app... yes it truely is required. You will need it a lot in clinicals, especially the first semester. You don't need an iphone or itouch... you can buy the skyscape software from their site for several smartphone platforms. The site can be confusing because it is not the set pack on the app like I got. The things included on my app is Archimedes, Medical Surgical Nursing, Mosby's 2010 Nursing Drug Reference, Mosby's PDQ for RN, Mosby's Pocket Dictionary, and MosbyLab. Honestly the only things I have ever used are the bolded ones. But you may find you need the others. You will need the BMI calculator under the PDQ.. took us a whole semester to figure out we had one built in!

    As for the schedule, you will sign up for NR 115 for the 1st semester. The teachers team teach so don't worry about picking the right one... you will have them all. The times are all correct but you will have to sign up for your media class which is an extra 1 hour per week. They are pretty relaxed about the hours, so don't get stressed about going on your assigned day and time. Just sign in the time you're supposed to be there and do it within that week. For your clinical days, that is the long 7 to 5 day on Wed. or Friday on your schedule. Fridays are better because you have til Monday to turn in your work. If you go with Wed then you have until the next day to turn it in. There is a lot of paperwork---- 14 page assessments, care plan, and med sheets. Yeah, sounds like fun, eh? As for clinical instructors, some are really really great instructors who want you to be hands on. Others are big paperwork sticklers who could care less about hands on stuff.

    Lets see... skills can be tough. First big one is physical assessment... it is about a 20 minute skill check... that is a LOT to remember. Get past that and you're good to go. Also if you are coming at the end of the semester and you are close to failing, just drop and reapply. If not, your GPA will be crushed (9 credit hours for a D!) and you will not get back in. This just happened to a friend of mine.

    I know I include way too much info.. and quite honestly don't want to think about my pharmacology test on Monday... so hope this helps. I just wish I had this going in.. type A personality and all.
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    @ KY girl~I am hoping you can give me some information. What iphone app is required and when will we find out what scrubs are needed? I would like to try and get some of these things purchased before August!

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