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Anyone currently working for SHPS or Humana? I am interested in applying for one of their jobs and would like some general info on the types of positions they have, what the company environment... Read More

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    Thanks for the offer, but no. I'm only looking in a very small area.
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    To HMD04--I can't reply to your email because I can't send private messages. I will need some other way to contact you.
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    Annienur- you should be able to respond to PMs now that you have 15 posts.
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    Quote from BBFRN
    I used to work for SHPS. You can work from home after 6 months with them, too. Some dept.'s do have a high turnover, and the overall environment can be very paternalistic in a physician-driven kind of way.

    At any rate- I did like working for them, and I got a bit more respect from the MDs there than many of my colleagues who deserved more than what they got. I only left, because I couldn't work 40 hours while in grad school any more, and they don't do part time.

    Oh- and Humana pays way more. Lots of the turnover was due to people leaving SHPS for Humana, because the pay was much better for the same job descriptions.

    Hey. I was going to send you a direct message but for some reason it said I didn't have the right to do so but anyway.... I was wondering any advice you can give me on Humana. I currently live in Ohio. I believe the closest Humana office is in Lexington from my house. Do you know how long the training is? Also do you have to work in the office for a certain amount of time before you are able to work at home? How are employee benefits? Are you able to work when you want or do you have a certain time you have to make calls while at home? Any other information you can give me would be great! Thanks!!
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    Sorry Bethie- I have never worked for Humana, so I don't have any answers to offer. I do believe you can work from home after 6 months there as well, though.
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    I Have worked at SHPS. You may definitely want to consider Humana instead. SHPS is a dead-end job where you are working basically with your hands tied behind your back blindfolded. You simply do what their inferior software tells you to do. No nursing skills needed or used. Morale is the lowest of any place I have ever worked. Consider Humana. Simply Google SHPS Carewise and you can read about others' comments and feelings as well - don't take my word for it.