Anyone starting the CNA classes on February 9th, 2012 at the Red Cross in Louisville? - page 2

I have just registered for the 02/09/2012 to 03/07/2012 CNA courses provided by the Red Cross in Louisville, KY. I was just wondering if maybe anyone else on here will be attending those classes as... Read More

  1. by   koukla0904
    Sorry, I'm just now seeing this. I have been really busy lately. I got all my shots for the class, yesterday. I have a feeling they may cancel my class though for lack of students. They keep sending me an email asking if I know anyone who would like to take the course and they said, if there weren't enough students they will cancel. Which may be good for me cause I've been doing so research and I kinda want to go for PCT instead, at another school. 11 days, WOW! My course is Mon,Tues,Wed, 5-9:30 pm for 11 weeks. Since I'm home during the day with the little one, I can only go p/t in the evenings.