Any one else over 40 that went to nursing school? - page 3

I am over 40 and aplying to nursing school. Any advice from current or former older students would be greatly appreciated!!:redbeathe... Read More

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    23?? That's so young!

    Just got acceptance into LPN school for this fall. I have sons 26, 16, and almost 8. Yesterday, I turned 48. You'll be fine!

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    I completed my BSN at University of Louisville when I was 41 years old. I am now in grad school for health informatics. I did very well at UofL. It's all about priorities and determination. I did whatever it took to succeed. Some of my younger classmates didn't have the same priorities. It's not always the smartest who is successful, but the person who refuses to quit. You can do anything if you believe it!!!!!
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    I am a 40+ PreBSN student. My application for WKU Fall 2012 is in and waiting to hear the news, unfortunely won't be until Feb or Mar 2012!! It's nice to hear that there are other people out there getting a new start late in life. All the students I have seen are young enough to be my Children!!
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    Good luck! WKU is a good school. Most of my classmates are 25+ but there are about 10 of us over 40. We share notes, procedures, and try to take care of one another. It does seem weird that a good portion of my class is old enough to be my kid! But I try to look at it as I can learn from them, they can learn from me. You will love (and hate at times) nursing school. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Let me know how you are doing since we are neighbors across the state. I'm in Lexington.
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    Thanks Juryizout,
    I am very excited to hear hopefully good news in the coming months. I look forward to starting a new chapter in my life. My husband had been a great supporter for completing my BSN. I have a son-in-law at UK Pharmacy and my daughter will join him after this semester for UK Dental. I did not want to be the only one in the family without a degree!! I started classes in 84 for nursing and due to starting a family & military was unable to complete. Better late than never is my moto!!
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    I am 46, grad of 2009. Never ever never ever give up

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