**NKU ABSN Starting Fall 2012** - page 2

has anyone else been accepted and will be joining me coming the fall 2012 semester at nku in the absn program???... Read More

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    [color=#ff3399]welcome jennifer! i have an aunt who has been teaching for years in this area & she says finding teaching jobs for experienced teachers is getting harder because it's cheaper for them to hire a teacher right out of college instead of paying teachers for their experience. i'm not sure if that applies to your experience, but i wish you luck with your career change. kind of exciting that you & your children will be going back to school
    kygirl, i'm sorry i never got your name? how are your classes going, have you finished them all?

    i finally bought all my books, expect for the nursing bag that i think is for 215. i can't believe we start in only 18 days!!!

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    How is it going for you guys? I'm looking into NKU, UC, and Xavier MSN direct entry. Can't start til 3014 but that's fine I need some pre-reqs.We you guys able to get any aid or use loans? I still have about 10K in undergrad loans and I'm worried about the financing
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    Sorry for the typos my phone doesn't like me today lol that's 2014

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