Why don't more nurses take a stand against low pay and unsafe staffing?

  1. Just wondering.... We have all heard of the huge nursing shortage and that it is only going to get worse right???? Why is it then that pay and staffing conditions are not examined closer by the public or ourselves for that matter. It would stand to reason that if you needed someone to do a job that was in great demand pay would be higher. As for nurses, why is it that we have grown so accustom to taking the corporate crap? CONSTANT staffing shortages, low pay (hospitals in kansas pay less than home health, hospice, nursing homes -you name it) While pay n nursing homes and very limited acute care settings is slightly higher there is still no staff? Hmmm wonder why? Last as nurses we are thought of as caring people, but allow those we care for to be neglected by accepting assignments that are unsafe. ( 1 nurse to 57 pt? with 1 CNA maybe). We no longer seem to care for ourselves, our license, our profession or our patients when we allow these conditions to continue.....
    SO, then it is what can we do? I'm not exactly sure but something. There is a blog site for bad tippers that waitresses can go to to let others know... We need to form one for facilities maybe? Or maybe it is as simple as standing up and saying NO. I mean really they might fire you but hey with the staffing being the way it is all the shifts to sign up for posted I don't see a long line of replacements. Eventually when there is no one there to clock in those famous administrative words " I'll do it myself" as they sneak out the back door. Corporations, the State Board of Nursing, And maybe even families will begin to care about the caring profession.
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  3. by   queenjean
    I guess part of my stand is that I am staying in a job that pays a little bit less rather than go work in a bigger facility that pays more and has crap for staffing. In my opinion, my facility is as often over staffed as understaffed. I could drive into one of the neighboring bigger cities and work agency or a weekend option (and I still might do that at some point), but for now, the draw of a pleasant work environment with great staffing and fantastic ancillary support keeps me here.

    Why don't you start such a website? It's a good idea.
  4. by   Miami NightNurse
    California has staffing ratio laws we need those in all states. We need them in Florida!!! But I honestly don't know how to go about getting that ball rolling