St Luke's vs KU SON

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    I'm applying for nursing schools in the fall. I applied to both KU and St Luke's and I've already found out that I've been accepted at St Lukes. I'm having a tough time deciding which school to pick. St Luke's is more expensive by far because it's private, but if you agree to work for them for two years after graduation then they pay for your senior year which makes the two schools about the same price. They both seem like great schools to me. Does anyone have opinions about which of the schools is better for getting your BSN and why? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have applied to Saint Luke's for this coming fall and I have not received a letter. When did you get yours?
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    Just two days ago, so you might be finding out soon. Good luck! Did you apply to KU too? If so, which would you rather go to?
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    Awesome! I am very nervous. Yes, I have applied to KU and if I am accepted that is where I would like to go. What's your GPA? If you don't mind me asking. I am just wondering if I should even be getting my hopes up.
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    hey!! I'm going through the same dilema right now... did you get some good advices that might help me?? I know both are good, but one of them has to be better in some way... thanks a lot!!!
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    I am very interested in both St.Luke's and KU but I still have sophomore year but I am hoping, if you don't mind, you could tell me your GPA and the volunteer hours you completed and which school you chose and why. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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    When did you received a letter?

    I applied for fall 2012, but I haven't received a letter yet..
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    I am lucky enough to have been accepted to both Saint Luke's and KU nursing programs for Fall 2012. Any advise over what school people have had a better experiences with? I am having a hard time deciding because both have great advantages.

    Thanks so much!

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