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  1. 0 Howdy All,
    My wife and I are wanting to move up to Kansas after school so I am would appreciate a general idea of what RN's with a year of experince (ICU)are making in Wichita or Hutch.
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    Base pay in Wichita is $16 or $17. It's changed so much in the last few years I don't remember. Also, I don't think any facility pays an ICU diff.
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    Yikes! That sounds pretty low to me.
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    I know base wages are being adjusted again. And, yes, base is low. KS is one of the lowest paid states in the country.
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    Wow. Agency work is almost double that out there. Crazy.
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    So how much experience do you need to do agency work? And does anyone know pay rates for travel RN's?
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    Quote from jzprple
    So how much experience do you need to do agency work? And does anyone know pay rates for travel RN's?
    Minimum of 1 year. Travel rates vary quite a bit depending on where you want to go, the kind of housing you are looking for, etc. It's been a while since I've done a travel assignment as I usually do local contracts these days, but I enjoyed it for the several years I did. Agency rates I spoke of were for per diem work. Best of luck!
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    Might check out a little north and west. Pay seems better out there, but I don't do ICU. There may be openings.
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    I am thinking about moving back to Kansas next year. Can anyone give me an idea of the salary range for chronic dialysis nurse. Have 16 years experience.
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    Can anyone tell me anything about the hospital in Hutchinson? I've been approached about taking an assignment there. Was wondering what the nurse/pt ratios were or any info about working conditions.

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    I work in Topeka as an LPN and Started out $18.00 an Hour
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    Hutchinson Regional (used to be called promise regional [and was hutchinson regional before that]) pays $19.28 starting in ICU with no previous experience.

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