Pratt On-Line LPN/RN Program July 2011

  1. Hello, I'm interesting in this program and I"m applying for the Spring 2012 or either the summer 2012 please give me feedback, on time to travel to KS for clinicals and can you work full-time while being in this program?
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  3. by   annamaria32
    Hi there,
    I am starting the program Jan. 2012. I know of 2 nurses that completed this program already and loved it. I was told that you can probably work while doing clinicals. I will be travelling from Denver every week to attend clinicals. If anyone knows someone that is doing the program as well and wants to carpool, please let me know.
    Hope that helps.
  4. by   msnoetteall
    Hello, thanks for responding I know I do know another student that will start with you in your class just e-mail me and I will give you her name, maybe the first day of class you can get with her and find out if the carpool will work for both of you my e-mail is also how long did it take to get ur acceptance letter?
  5. by   annamaria32
    I received an email that stated I was accepted after my Micro from Denver was accepted. Are you in KS? Where does your friend that is beginning in my class live?
  6. by   msnoetteall
    Hello, I live in Missouri she lives in KS the girl I was talking about, I might have a chance for Summer July I take my Anatomy over again in Jan because they said it's to old.