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:yeah:I was just accepted into the Pratt LPN to RN online program can anyone give me any pointers. I start the articulation class June.... Read More

  1. by   BluegrassRN

    Sorry, I mis-read your question. I think I graduated 4 years ago. It sounds crazy, but I honestly can't remember if it was 3 or 4 years ago!

    Now I'm almost finished with my BSN, from Fort Hays State University. I'm not sure I'll go on past that; I've sort of lost my interest in school for now.
  2. by   amb_lyn
    I graduated Nov 2009. We had 2 ladies from Maryland in our class. They still had to travel to Kansas for the clinical portion. They were able to do their community health rotation in Maryland with a preceptor. We all did our community health rotation with a preceptor of choice in our own respective communities.
  3. by   tparks
    I am graduating in 15 days from this program and you have to come to Kansas for your clinicals except for community which you may be able to get in your home area. If you stay in Kansas the whole time you can do your community clinicals in Kansas around your other days.
    Hope that Helps.
  4. by   qismom
    Thanks for all the info!!! I start the program in January. Do you know if they stayed in Kansas the whole time they did clinicals? And the community health part is that during the first semester or the second semester. Did you have a break between the semesters? Some people said the clinicals were 6 weeks and others say they were five weeks. I am really excited about school but also a little nervous. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions.
  5. by   tparks
    It just depended on the student. A lot of them stayed the entire time but some drove or flew back. Community Clinicals are in the 2nd semester. We had a 2 week break between semesters but I heard that you all will graduate in October (a month sooner than my class) and that is because you don't have the 2 week break. Good Luck!
  6. by   qismom
    I am so excited 4 u!!! I know you are glad ur almost finished. So how would you rate the program? Most people said it was a lot of work but they enjoyed it. Do u plan on continuing with your BSN? Do you have any tips for me? Thanks again for answering all my questions. I hope I haven't Benny a nuisance !!!!
  7. by   tparks
    I will continue on to get my BSN/MSN. For tips I would say be very flexible because they like to throw on requirements at the last minute. I didn't really care for the program especially this semester, but I passed and that is all that mattered. The program is definitely what you put into it. As long as you read what is on the study guide for each test you should do fine. I know that they are going to a lot more proctored tests because of cheating, which is sad because the whole point of taking the courses online is convenience. Watch out for dosage calc we lost a lot of students due to those. GOOD LUCK!
  8. by   qismom
    Thanks!! I plan on completing my getting my BSN and a masters in public health. Good luck with your boards!! Hopefully you'll still be blogging after graduation do I can let you know how thongs ate going!! You have been very helpful!
  9. by   amb_lyn
    tparks, we had some folks that were cheating in our class as well. It was extremely sad to haer this is still occuring. It's especially sad that it will affect future students who are in the program for it's convenience as well.

    Congrats on your upcoming pinning!
  10. by   lizks
    I am in the process of applying for the lpn to rn hybrid program at pratt. I took the TEAS test already and i was just wondering how they scored that during the application process? Does anyone know?
  11. by   msnoetteall
    I'm applying also for the program for summer 2012 and take the teas this week Nov 18, 2011. I know on the seletion criteria they break it down to four sections Reading , Math, Science, English, and you get a total score. They also use your pre-requistions and points for A&P. Good luck hope to see you in May 2012.
  12. by   myperfectgrade100
    Do you know anyone who might have notes for Human Anatomy & Physiology Eighth Edition by Elaine N Marieb and Katja Hoehn? A fellow student in my class found notes posted by a student that were very helpful to her. I don't seem to be able to connect with anyone who is a student who has posted her notes from this text!!!!
  13. by   mseawood1
    Hi, I got accepted into pratt!! I'm starting in Jan. any advise I'm so nervous LPN-RN Thank you...