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Pratt CC online bridge January 2010

  1. 0 I know that priority deadline was just like yesterday, but did anyone else apply? Any idea of when the admission decisions are made?
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    That would be Jan 2011 rather, anybody know when decisions will be known?
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    They usually notify you if you've been accepted about a month prior to the transition course.. So, probably Nov you'll find out. The transition course starts in December.

    I graduated from this program in Nov. of 2009.

    Where are you located? I know someone who is also applying for the start date of Jan. 2011.
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    Thanks for that I knew it would be awhile but didn't think they waited that long. I am in the Kansas city area, johnson county.
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    I believe that I found out in october. And I wanted to tell you good luck!
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    I just got accepted into the bridge ONLINE, and start January 2011. YAY! I'm so excited. Another girl from my LPN class got accepted too. Were both in Topeka, KS- - - anyone else get accepted, would love to talk!
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    That's awesome! Congrats! 4th semester you will probably have clinicals at stormont and Osawatomie! Good Luck! By the way books are cheaper online or through a local bookstore than the school's bookstore.
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    congrats! I got accepted too, where do we go from here?
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    I got excepted to the Pratt CC online program. I am so excited!
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    I just got accepted too!!! I am so excited.
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    I also got accepted. Anyone from the Wichita area?