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  1. Hello Kansas Nurses - My family is considering relocation to the Olathe area this coming summer. I would prefer to live in a rural area within 30-45 minutes of Olathe. I come from a small town with 17 churches in it - nice little shops, Christian teachers at the public schools. I like Olathe but want a home with 5 acres minimum and want to be able to drive to work within reasonable time period. I'm looking for suggestions for towns to visit/research and/or websites with more information. I haven't chosen a hospital yet - am trying to concentrate on our home first and hospital second in a way - I want my job to be a side feature not the main focus. Thanks for ANY info.
    Happy New Year!
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  3. by   KSRN2b
    Darimom, not sure what you consider "small". Most or all of the small towns within 30-45 min. of Olathe do not have 17 churches. You might check out Spring Hill, Gardner, Wellsville, Louisburg, Baldwin City, DeSoto, Eudora, Paola, and Ottawa. Some are larger than others. Also, the closer to Olathe, the more likely the town is experiencing rapid growth with people who want small town atmosphere that's close to the city. In those towns, the "small town" feel is getting lost in the shuffle. There are small towns on Missouri side south of Kansas City, but I don't know drive time to Olathe. Good luck with your search and welcome to Kansas!
  4. by   Ihoplover
    Thanks alot KS for all the info I will do some research on those towns and drive through next time I'm out that way! It does appear from my research already that living in Missouri is less expensive - property taxes etc - so I may check out the smaller towns in Missouri within 30-40 drive of Olathe - decisions.decision...very difficult. Thanks much!!!!!
  5. by   ScrubCap
    Have you made up your mind yet as to where you are going to live? I suggest Paola, Ottawa, or Louisburg. Paola has a quaint little town square, Ottawa has more ammenities, and Louisburg is probably the smallest and most rural, but only 17 miles from Overland Park and a plethora of hospitals to choose from. I like Louisburg because of the Cider Mill, and it's the smallest, and because it's in Miami County, it will be cheaper than Johnson County (which is where all of the work is). Where are you moving from? Good luck in your search!
  6. by   GonnaBSN
    Baldwin City is cute, it's one of the few named that has a university (Baker).
    Ottawa has a university and a community college, but they're not very pretty campuses.