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    I received my acceptance letter in the mail last week for the coming fall 2013 ABSN program at Northern Kentucky University.

    Just thought I would start a thread and see if anyone else has any input or is also starting the program with me in the fall.

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    Congratulations on your acceptance!
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    Received my acceptance letter also a few days ago so excited starting clinical rotation in the fall! I am an LPN for 12 years lol about time to finish lol..nothing like when the time is right!
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    Congrats! Looking forward to meeting you.
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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    moved to Kentucky nursing programs for best response

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    I got my acceptance letter too! Right now I am deciding where to go because everywhere I applied I got in....I'm trying to figure out how much NKU costs but I can't find it online. Also I'm having trouble finding any feedback on other students who have already graduated. Do you know where you moving to at NKU?? I am from Lexington so I don't know whether I should commute or move up there!? But Congrats on getting in!
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    Hi Spenser. Congrats to you on getting accepted everywhere!! That's great to have the options. I have heard great things about NKU's program and the cost is very competitive. It was much more affordable than the other programs I was considering in the area (UC, Xavier, Mt. St. Joe) If you want some more info about costs & the area in general, get in touch with me on facebook and I will let you know. http://www.facebook.com/phillip.maris.5 I am meeting up with the professor that is in charge of the ABSN program on April 2nd.
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    Think you might have moved the thread to Kansas instead of Kentucky...
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    Got on the wait list. Still keeping my fingers crossed and waiting, though impatiently. Congrats to all who got in.