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Anyone attended this university? What are the teachers like? Im really interested in others who have completed the accelerated BSN program. Did you feel well prepared?... Read More

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    I just got my acceptance for Jan. 2012, too. Check's in the mail for my deposit.

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    Thats very exciting!!! I know its going to be really intense but I am still excited!!
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    Sent you an email last week, just FYI.:spin:
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    Hey I dont know what happend maybe it got mixed up in my spam or something?? I didnt get it, would you mind sending it again? and maybe in the subject line put it a message in ALL CAPS so it stands out more?? sorry about that.
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    I, too, am super excited to start MNU's ABSN in January 2012! I've been doing some googling, trying to find even more information on the program... but with no such luck. Does anybody know how many people will be in our graduating class? What private loan agencies [if any] have you researched? Hopefully there will be an orientation that can help with these questions!
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    Hey they said they will be contacting us soon for a orientation. Only 40 were accepted into the program. I'm just going to wait and see what I qualify for with fasfa before I start looking at a private agency.
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    hey 5boys4us,
    I'm working on my LPN right now, graduation date dec 17th yay
    Anyhow, I'm trying to decide what to do...I'm 25, married with a toddler...my main concern is will I get through the program without completely ignoring my family. Also what about a part time job? Is it even doable? MNU's page says they don't recommend having a job. Should I prepare myself for having only one income for the duration of that year? The way I see it, better do it in one year and get it over with than stretch it out, get the ADN then the BSN.... Just not sure how much will have to be sacrificed...
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    Orientation? Ugh.
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    Im sure its not set in stone, and I know I would like more info. If you dont you dont have to come i am sure??
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    Has anybody received affirmation that their check and acceptance were received?

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