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Anyone attended this university? What are the teachers like? Im really interested in others who have completed the accelerated BSN program. Did you feel well prepared?... Read More

  1. by   Jayhawk101
    Has anybody received affirmation that their check and acceptance were received?
  2. by   This.is.fun
    My first (and only) communication from them was "Congratulations! $300 please."
  3. by   johnwkc
    Anyone on the waiting list?
  4. by   Jayhawk101

    Okay, good. I also noticed that they haven't taken out the $300 from my bank account. Same for you?
  5. by   This.is.fun
    Nope, the check has not been cashed.
  6. by   5boys4us
    Quote from nuna.a86
    hey 5boys4us,
    I'm working on my LPN right now, graduation date dec 17th yay
    Anyhow, I'm trying to decide what to do...I'm 25, married with a toddler...my main concern is will I get through the program without completely ignoring my family. Also what about a part time job? Is it even doable? MNU's page says they don't recommend having a job. Should I prepare myself for having only one income for the duration of that year? The way I see it, better do it in one year and get it over with than stretch it out, get the ADN then the BSN.... Just not sure how much will have to be sacrificed...
    nuna.a86 There are a small handful from our class that are working very part time, a few PCTs that work a weekend here or there and an LPN that does the same. That being said, most are single no kids. I could not even begin to think about working a part time job with this school schedule. I feel like my family has had to make some sacrifices because my time is limited, but it's a short term sacrifice for a long term goal. Best of luck on your decision.
  7. by   Dandybrandi
    QUOTE]I know that they do require incoming freshman to sign a statement that they will not drink/smoke or gamble.[[/QUOTE]

    I am currently in the MNU accelerated program and will graduate in a little over a month. I can tell you that I love this school and our class- the last year has been a wonderful experience! I can also say that there is absolutely no chapel requirements for the ABSN program. We do have one community service requirement- which is only 12 hours of community service at your choice of organizations. And we didn't have to sign an agreement not to drink, smoke, or gamble (although I had to giggle when I read a post in this feed that mentioned that) Our current class has students from 23 years of age to 56, we have students who have moved to America from about 6 other nations, and we all have a variety of life experience. Honestly, there is a little bit of every age group represented. I am 35, married, with 2 kids and I feel like I fall just about in the middle of the age group. One positive is that we have 100% retainment- all 35 people who started the program are still here and planning to graduate. If you have any questions, let me know. I will be happy to give my 2 cents.
  8. by   Jayhawk101

    I had a quick question about textbooks. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to rent or buy all the textbooks... What books would be worth buying and keeping and what books should I just rent for the module? For instance, the Physical Examination & Health Assessment...buy? Rent? I know that I should probably purchase the references/fundamentals.
  9. by   sooner3062
    I would appreciate ANY information about the program as I have been accepted for the Fall 2013! I am also looking around for some housing but since I am unfamiliar with the area it has been quite difficult! any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  10. by   sooner3062
    Also if anyone that has went through this program was able to hold a part time job as well I would like to know how that worked out to see if it is something I want to try to handle as well, thanks!
  11. by   MissKC02
    I would like to apply to Mid America Nazarene in the fall but I am so confused on the process. I was told that you don't have to have your pre reqs completed to apply to the program. There is no entrance exam either. I am currently an LPN looking to get my BSN in as little time as possible. I work full time and I am a single mom. My question is if you were a student here what was your experience getting in and what criteria are they looking at to accept students if your pre reqs dont have to be complete. How many did they accept and what GPA was average for getting in? I have a few more classes to go! I just want to get in!!!!!
  12. by   leroy221
    I'm on the wait list now for Mid America Nazarene March 2014. Anyone else?
  13. by   NurseG3
    I am wanting to apply to the program for Fall of 2014. What is the work load like? From reading online I saw its about 63 credit hours in the 12 months. For those of you who are in/completed the program is it as hard as it sounds? Obviously it's nursing school.. but I don't want to get in over my head.