MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Spring 2018 Cohort

  1. Hi there! I have received my acceptance letter for the Spring 18 ABSN Cohort at MNU and was wondering if anyone else has already received their letter and accepted. I was hoping to get to know classmates beforehand so hopefully we can maybe figure out personal schedules for study groups, etc.
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  3. by   michflox2014
    I got my acceptance letter too last week. I will be moving in from GA. my name is Michael. Would like to know if you have started any housing arrangements and if you have bought some books. I have started with my castlebranch requirement.
  4. by   Bpsmith7
    Hi Michael! Congratulations to you too! I have lived here for a couple of years now, so I am already moved, but I think where you would want to live would be dependent on your budget. There are actually a ton of apartments within different price ranges easily accessible to campus. Olathe and Overland Park definitely aren't sketchy, so there are few places nearby that I would advise to steeer clear of, but if you need any assistance just let me know! I have not purchased anything yet. Have you? Also, where in Georgia are you from? I am from Tennessee, so it will be great to have a fellow southerner!