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I am currently waiting to hear back from MNU on whether or not I was accepted into their Accelerated BSN program starting this Fall (2016). Seeing if anyone else out there has applied to this... Read More

  1. by   mlmoore09
    Thank you so much for your helpful info! Do you know what the average TEAS score was? My grades are pretty good and I have two degrees, but I am unsure what they typically look for on the TEAS as well as experience. I have little to no healthcare experience except for a mission trip, so I'm just trying to see if they look at all of your achievements as a whole or if you felt like people with high TEAS or healthcare experience got in more than others. Also, I know you said it took about 5 weeks for you to hear, but when did you apply? Thanks for your wealth of knowledge!
  2. by   AnmlLover25
    No problem, glad I could help! So we were the LAST class that they admitted without a TEAS test/score being required so I unfortunately cannot help with that part. Hopefully someone from the cohort behind me (who should be graduating pretty soon here) can chime in on that. I did have a year of healthcare experience as an aide, but I would say that it was pretty split. There were definitely people in our class that had zero healthcare experience, people that had just been working on the tech side of healthcare, people who had worked in fashion, film, upper management, etc, so I don't think that they particularly pay a ton of attention to that. I think I got in from my essay to be honest. I've always been a decent writer and my journey to become a nurse was a personal one and I just think it spoke to them. I also had been on a mission trip and mentioned that in my essay. I had decent grades, but nothing I thought was "amazing." I think they like to always bring in a diverse group, meaning different ages, genders, different backgrounds, coming from different parts of the world, etc. I know that's kind of unhelpful but I liked that it wasn't just like "ok everyone with the best grades gets a spot," or "everyone that has healthcare experience gets a spot," like I feel so many other schools do. I had it written down somewhere but I believe the cut of date for the Fall 2015 cohort was in the beginning of April and I applied back in the beginning of March and heard in the first/second week of April. Sorry I can't be more specific, I did have it written down somewhere but remember it being 5 weeks. It looks like now they kind of just do a "rolling" admissions.
  3. by   Danielleapotter
    Thank you so much for all the info anmllover25, I'm praying this is the right school for me! mlmoore09 I hope we hear soon!
  4. by   Babysue22
    Hi all! I sent in my application a week ago. Super excited! Goodluck to everyone.
  5. by   mlmoore09
    AnmlLover25 Thank you for your wealth of knowledge! I am still waiting to hear back. Getting anxious, but excited as well. I was wondering if you could speak about the classes themselves. Is there a lot of writing? I have heard you have to maintain a certain test average to remain in the program. Is this accurate? I'm just trying to gauge if the program is mostly in class writing or more applicable testing and clinical work? Thank you for all of your insight!

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