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I am currently waiting to hear back from MNU on whether or not I was accepted into their Accelerated BSN program starting this Fall (2016). Seeing if anyone else out there has applied to this... Read More

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    Hi everyone. I have also been accepted to start fall 2016. And I have join the Facebook group but there is only one member. It will be nice if more people join the Facebook group so that we can all share information that we need. I will be coming from out of state and will be interested in finding and apartment and also roommates to reduce cost. If anyone is interested, we can start looking towards that.
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    The Facebook group is called "MNU ABSN 2016-2017". Search it and then join!
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    Searched for the group and came up with nada. Found several groups for the past and now current students but nothing for "MNU ABSN 2016-2017".
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    Hey, did anyone publish the Facebook group? I cannot seem to find it on FB...
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    Hey guys! I got my acceptance call yesterday! I'm excited to meet everyone here in a few weeks!
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    Look for: MNU ABSN 2016-2017
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    Sorry guys but allnurses isn't letting me post the link to the group on this thread. I'll try making the group public and see if that helps.
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    try typing that after Facebook in the URL.
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    Hi all! I'm getting ready to apply for the fall '17 cohort, is the program as awesome as it looks?? I've been looking into ABSN programs all over the country and I keep coming back to MNU looking like my top choice. Does anyone have any advice for the admissions process?
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