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LPN/RN bridge... where are they....

  1. 0 I am going to a LPN program this fall, I want to bridge as soon as it is over to ADN program. I know of KCKCC and Park. I do not want to go to KCKCC, to many pre requs that have to be taken and it is to many. I want to go to park, but they only take 40 people. I want to hear from any of you who went to Park and how hard it was to get in. I also want to know of ANY OTHER RN/ADN bridge programs. HELP PLEASE!!
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    I am just starting mine through Fort Scott cc. MUCH CHEAPER then some of the others.
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    Neosho County Community college has a bridge program that is mostly on line. Pratt Community College also has an online bridge program.

    Clinicals, of course, are NOT on-line...

    I think you will find that the prerequisites are similar for all the commuity colleges, though.

    You can take many of your prereques on-line through www.edukan.org
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    I'm sorry, for some reason I thought your post title mentioned you were interested in on-line programs.

    Obviously if you are interested in classroom based programs, my information won't be very helpful!
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    Please can somebody tell me about America Institute of Health in Virginia. I want to know if the school is approve LPN School. Thank you so much for quick answer
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    This is the Kansas forum; you might want to try the Virginia forum.

    You can also always contact the Virginia State Board of nursing to find out if graduates from that school can sit for LPN boards.

    Good luck!
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    Does anyone know of any LPN-RN bridge programs here in Atlanta? HELP!
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    You might try the Georgia forum. This is the Kansas forum.
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    neosho has a good bridge program and not that muck money
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    jccc has an LPN-RN bridge program... the lpn's jump on the 2nd semester of the RN program and its pretty good (so I hear).... there are very few spots, like 4-16 depending on how many people from the original group of 60 something RN's in the original program are left standing.... but not too many lpn's apply, only like 30-60 or something like that.