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KCKCC - Online Class??

  1. 0 quick question - anyone taken the bio 141 human anatomy online?? i am currently enrolled in the online (just saw an opening this morning and snagged it) as well as the regular classroom version. of course, being a full time working parent i see the benefits to both...but i'm just getting back into the groove of school and the online class is a new frontier for me.

    any advice appreciated!!
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    Online classes are wonderful, imho. I too am a KC area mom returning to school and so I can appreciate your thoughts. The only thing you have to really be aware of when taking an online course, is keeping your own schedule and making sure you don't fall behind because you don't have to go to class every day. Treat it like you do, only from home, and you'll do great!
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    I took it online at KCK a few semesters ago. It wasn't bad. Just make sure you allow plenty of time for studying. There isn't too much coursework so it's easy to let the class slip your mind until an exam is due.
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    did you find yourself wishing you'd taken the 'classroom' version? i guess the fact it's something new and different, it freaks me out a little bit! i don't even know how the online classes are set up in regard to materials, quizzes, labs (how does that work?) etc. do they use cadavers at kckcc in the labs?

    the biggest pro for me on the online class is that we will be gone for 2 weeks in november at thanksgiving (tickets are bought - there's no looking back) and taking it in the classroom would mean missing three solid classes....with an online class i could stay caught up.

    also - are you in the kckcc nursing program or did you transfer to a bsn program? any suggestions (or ones to run from) for professors in chem, micro & phys?

    again - thanks!
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    I'm entering the accelerated BSN program at Research College in Fall 2009. I would think online anatomy would work well online because it's straight memorization anyway. And you're right -- it works out well for Christmas break. As for labs, at JCCC where I'm doing my prereqs it's an open anatomy lab so you can go anytime you want. Don't know much about KCKCC but I would think it works pretty similarly.
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    thanks for the input - i think i'm just going to take the leap and try it online!

    good luck in your absn program at research!!!

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    Quote from midwestmom
    thanks for the input - i think i'm just going to take the leap and try it online!

    good luck in your absn program at research!!!

    thanks! good luck to you as well!