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I will be graduating this December with my BSN and would like to move back to the Kansas City or Lawrence area. Does anyone know if any hospitals are currently hiring new grads? If so which ones? I'm getting worried with all the... Read More

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    I know the thread says that jobs are available, but I wanted to revive this thread and see if this was still true, since this is a kind of old thread. I'm wondering what the job market for new grads is like in Kansas City. I'm considering relocating, but I'm not sure where's a good place and what areas aren't hiring at all.

    Is Kansas City a good place to live? I've only visited before, but I like what I've seen.

    I will be graduating with a BSN in May with good grades from a very good school in the midwest. We don't have many job offers here (better than some but not nearly enough for all the new graduates), and I'd just like to try somewhere new. I'm particularly interested in NICU, pediatrics and OB.

    Would Kansas City be a good place to apply, or should I just skip it and move on?

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    Thanks so much for the info on Truman Medical Center. Would you send me the contact info for the nurse recruiter there? It sounds like a great place to work..if the nurses are willing to teach that's a big plus as well! Please please let me know if you know anybody that hire new GNs I will be very grateful!
    Looking forward for some help.... Thanks so much:heartbeat

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