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Anyone else anxiously waiting to hear if they got an interview for the '11 Fall start for JCCC RN Program?:eek:... Read More

  1. by   PaigeAlayne
    Sounds like we are in the same boat. Though I have a sort of plan B, I really don't have anything set. I am 21, and took a year off of school after high school to figure out what I wanted. I worked at a nursing home for a year, fell in love with the residents, and decided long term care was right for me. I excel in most of my classes but science courses aren't my strong suit. I get B's and the occasional C in science courses and A's in my other classes. I feel your pain about the different pre-reqs required for each different BSN school and that is VERY frustrating. I am from Salina so I considered going back home to live and applying to Kansas Weslyan, but if I don't get in I made the move for nothing and geared my pre-reqs toward a school that I may not be able to use at another school. I am trying to avoid KU because of how expensive it is. I would consider KCKCC but it's an even further drive from Lawrence and I am not sure I'm willing to pack up and move even further from home. My sister is getting married in a year and as her maid of honor, and her living in Texas, being ever further away from her would be hard. I feel so anxious all the time from the constant changing of my plans! I am also frustrated that my grades are stopping me. I don't feel that I should be held back by a 3.5 but I am. I wish I could scream out that my grades don't reflect how good of a nurse I will be, and I'm sure the same applies to you. Pretty overwhelmed over here!
  2. by   edewalt
    I know how you feel, but we're pretty opposite. My overall GPA isn't great, but I get great grades in my science courses. I got an A in microbiology (I've never worked so hard for a grade, and been more proud of myself for accomplishing an A), which was definitely the hardest class I've taken thus far, and my others are A's and B's as well. It's my overall GPA that isn't treating me very well, even though I do just fine in the classes that they want the high grades in.
    Sounds like there are lots of options for you, even though they will complicate your life somewhat. Maybe consider just taking the summer to think about what you really want; if there's even a chance that you'll get in to JCCC next year, is it worth the wait for you? With all your pre-reqs geared towards JCCC, if you end up somewhere else, it might tack on another semester or two to accomplish the requirements elsewhere. It's a sticky situation we're both in!
  3. by   KSRN2b
    Edewalt, I am not very familiar with NAU. I understand it is really expensive, so I opted not to pursue for plan A or B. It may work well for you and your circumstances. The best of luck to you!
  4. by   edewalt
    Thank you so much! Good luck to you as well
  5. by   jillianbeans
    I had my interview at JCCC and it was so nerve-wracking! The interview is scheduled for a 20 minute slot, and the interviewer had a dozen (or maybe it was ten?) questions to ask. She started off by introducing herself and then saying "I have x number of questions, so let's get started!" Some of them were typical "Why do you want to get into the ADN program at JCCC?" and "In 30 seconds, name the three most important qualities that you think a nurse needs to have", but then there were some oddball scenario "What would you do in this situation?" questions too. The time really flew past! At the end she asked if I had any questions for her, so I asked the one I'd thought up ahead of time, and then our time was up. She shook my hand and told me that she felt I was a strong candidate, and that decisions would be made by mid-May...

    I answered the questions the best way that I could think of, and I don't think I gave any "wrong" answers, so we shall see...

    One thing I should have asked her but didn't think to ask was what the hours are like for a student who does get in. I need to submit my preschool hours request by the end of next week!
  6. by   edewalt
    Congratulations! It sounds like it went great! When I went to the seminar in October, she said it was like a full time job monday through friday. She said the typical hours were between 8am-5pm, but that the hours do vary for the different days. If you need a schedule now, you should look on JCCC's credit class search for Fall 2011 and type in NURS 124, which is the first nursing class. There's the entire schedule posted! It'll show the days and times.. Hopefully that helps you out! Keep me updated on whether you get in or not, although I'm sure you will.. Congratulations
  7. by   jessi05
    Congrats! It sounds like you have nothing to worry about! Now the hard part, patiently waiting. Good luck to you!
  8. by   jillianbeans
    I got my acceptance packet today!!! It was sent by certified mail so I had to sign for it...woohooooooo!
  9. by   KSRN2b
    Congratulations jillianbeans!
  10. by   edewalt
    Yay!! Congratulations I'm truly happy for you
  11. by   rexy
    Hi everyone,
    Congratulations to those who were accepted to JCCC! I am finishing my first year in the JCCC ADN program right now. It is a great program - you will love the faculty and will learn to be a great RN! In response to the question about typical hours, JCCC requires that you keep Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm open, HOWEVER, you are not in class or clinical for 8 hours a day Monday thru Friday!! Once you start and get into the groove you will have lecture for 4-5 hours every Monday and will have clinical usually 2 days per week. Tests are always on Friday and you always have the Thursday prior to a test off. Sometimes you have labs or simulation on other days. You will have lots of 8 hour class days initially, and then it will slow down. I would be happy to answer any more questions you have. Don't worry - enjoy your summer! You will figure it all out - doing the applications and waiting for acceptance letters is the worst part - it is all uphill from here!

    And I also want to say to those who haven't been accepted or are having a hard time - PLEASE HANG IN THERE! Applying to nursing school is the most frustrating, demoralizing process you will ever go through!!! I had a long road there myself, trust me! There is a spot for you somewhere, keep your heads up and power through! There is only so much that you can control. Don't get down on yourselves. I have been in your shoes and I promise that it gets better!!!!
  12. by   greyes
    Hello everyone....I'm new to this board and just found out that I did get into the RN program at JCCC. Congrats to the rest of you in as well! I'm having a lot of anxiety about the schedule! Rexy - could you expand any on what the schedule is like (total schedule...theory, clinicals, etc.)? Is it possible to find a free day every week to work? How often do you have 6 AM clinicals? I have three kids to get to school every morning and home afterwards and a husband that travels, so I'm really trying to figure out if I can cash in on favors, or if it will go beyond being able to do that. Any info would be so appreciated!
  13. by   jillianbeans
    Congratulations! Did you go to the "mandatory" thing today at the Carlsen Center about the study JCCC is participating in this fall? /yawn... But it will be nice to have all our ATI fees paid for the whole program!

    From listening to questions today, it sounds like we won't be doing very much 6am stuff...in fact it sounds like 8am is a normal time to be expected to report for class or clinical or simulation lab. I'm in the same boat with 3 kids to get off to school/preschool and a traveling husband but I don't think I'm going to have to call in too many favors...at least not the first year.