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Anyone else anxiously waiting to hear if they got an interview for the '11 Fall start for JCCC RN Program?:eek:... Read More

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    Edewalt- My JCCC GPA is 4.0 (after about 30 hours) and my career GPA is right around 3.5. I have a BA from Florida State, but it's not in a science field so I've spent the past year or so taking prerequisites at JCCC. All told I have about 150 credit hours...the 120 for my BA and then those I've taken at JCCC. I took the ACT last February at Olathe Northwest and my composite score was 30, and my scientific reasoning score was a 30. I know that GPA, ACT and prereqs are the criteria they used to select for the interviews. I'm also a JoCo resident, and you get a few extra points for that too...

    You might be able to make some pretty huge improvements to your GPA by re-taking courses that you failed in the past. I think that the new grade replaces an old one on your transcript. Hopefully the counselors will be able to guide you there... And have you heard rumors of future cohorts having more than one start date a year? I have, and I think that would be awesome! Maybe you won't have to wait a whole year to apply again.

    I'm sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for The disappointment a rejection letter brings really burns. I know it did for me, anyway (rejected by KU-Med's accelerated BSN program a few weeks ago) Have you applied anywhere else?

    Best of luck- I will post back after the interview next week with my thoughts on it!
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    Wow! I definitely wouldn't mind having grades like that! I'm definitely going to retake classes that I didn't do so well in, and I plan on exploring other options, but after doing some research I noticed that many programs around here have other prereqs that JUCO doesn't require such as pharmacology and pathophysiology. I plan on taking them at some point so that I expand my future options.. I find it bizarre that I got my rejection letter like a week after others did.. maybe it was down to like 20 people and 5 spots or something, who knows. I'm going to take my ACT as much as possible over the next year and try to get those scores up too. I got a 27 composite and a 25 science and reasoning, which I was pretty satisfied with, but there's no harm in continuing to retake it and attempt to raise my scores.
    I guess my frustration stems from the fact that I feel like I can never redeem myself for the poor grades I recieved at another school, fresh out of high school. That's what's so bothersome.. I'll never have a 4.0 overall, and its pretty upsetting, but that's the way it is.. So how do I compete with ladies like yourself, who have an outstanding GPA and ACT? I'm sure I can get my ACT up, but GPA.. it can go up a little bit, but it'll never be a 4.0. We'll see what the counselors say I suppose.
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    Edewalt, sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for. Am impressed with your graciousness toward your fellow posters after they were selected for interviews and you weren't. All I can say is WOW! Not everyone would be so generous with their well-wishes under the circumstances.

    I strongly encourage you to look around at other programs in the metro KC area (if you haven't already) and see which ones might work for you. If you want your RN (not BSN) and are trying to keep costs down to a minimum, consider other community colleges like KCKCC, Penn Valley, Neosho County Community College (they have classes in Ottawa and clinicals even closer), and Fort Scott Community College (they have classes in Paola). Many start two cohorts a year instead of just one (like JCCC). You can look at private technical schools in the area as well--pricier but an option. I have not heard good things about Brown Mackie. I met a nursing student from Concorde Career College about a year ago and she really liked that program.

    I am an MSW-level social worker living in JOCO and making a career change to nursing. Have been taking pre-reqs (have a BS but sciences way too old so had to re-take) at KCKCC. Did not have a good experience at JCCC for my first pre-req class, made the change to KCKCC, and have never looked back. KCKCC has been GREAT! I just received word this week that I was accepted into their Fall 2011 cohort. Is harder to get in there if you don't live in WYCO or Leavenworth County but is doable. My undergraduate GPA is 3.56 (they don't count graduate credits into GPA at the ADN program level) and my TEAS score overall was 88.7%. I can't speak for the other ADN programs I mentioned, but I know people who have attended Penn Valley and Neosho County. Both couldn't say enough good things about the programs.

    Keep your chin up! The very best of wishes to you!
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    I also didn't get an interview, disappointed but not crushed. I definitely wasn't holding out hope. I hold a 3.5 GPA and got a 25 on my science reasoning, not top notch but I am happy with it. So, on to plan B. Congrats to all of you!
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    may I ask what your plan B is? Will you wait and apply again next year? I won't be applying to JCCC again, I suppose I will pursue a BSN. I don't want to wait another year to apply to a 2 year program. It's frustrating competeing with 4.0 GPA's and top notch science scores. I feel like I will never be good enough!
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    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am definitely considering KCKCC, and plan on meeting with an advisor once I wrap my head around things. I have decided not to puruse Brown Mackie, because I would prefer to not have my degree be from a place that is not as reputable as some other programs in the metro area. I was wondering though, have you heard anything about National American University? I have heard they have a 2 year BSN program (once all pre-reqs are done, which mine are for the most part), and their application deadline is June 1st. I was thinking I might meet with someone over there too, because if accepted, the program starts in the fall. I'm definitely interested in checking out KCKCC though, I'd say that's my 2nd place, after JCCC.
    I feel your pain! It's tough having to wait another year for a 2 year program.. my only issue is that although my GPA at JCCC is decent, my overall GPA isn't so great, so BSN programs are probably not an option for me, atleast right now. If I can recieve my RN from somewhere, I feel as though there wouldn't be too much trouble applying to a bridgeover program to recieve my BSN. My plan B as of now is to explore other programs in the KC area, find out application deadlines (I've noticed many of them are around the same time as JCCC to late March), and apply to as many progams as I can before the fall semester starts. I do plan on looking into NAU as well, even though I'm not sure how credible the program is. If I don't get in anywhere for the fall, or even the spring, I plan on spending the next two semesters taking classes that will pump up my GPA and are pre-reqs at other nursing schools but not at JCCC, such as Pharmacology and Pathophysiology, Nutrition, etc. I've been in college since I got out of high school.. I'm only 22, but if I had stuck with my "cookie cutter" plan of a Psychology degree from KU, I would be graduating in a month! But that wouldn't be fulfilling to me and I feel like nursing is the way to go. I'm just exhausted from school; applications, transcripts, meetings with counselors, etc. So I understand what you mean about not wanting to wait another year to apply for a 2 year program, but at this point, that feels better to me than attempting a BSN program and having it be at least 3-4 years because of different pre-reqs and admissions criteria. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, my plan B is just an idea at this point. What are your plans?
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    Sounds like we are in the same boat. Though I have a sort of plan B, I really don't have anything set. I am 21, and took a year off of school after high school to figure out what I wanted. I worked at a nursing home for a year, fell in love with the residents, and decided long term care was right for me. I excel in most of my classes but science courses aren't my strong suit. I get B's and the occasional C in science courses and A's in my other classes. I feel your pain about the different pre-reqs required for each different BSN school and that is VERY frustrating. I am from Salina so I considered going back home to live and applying to Kansas Weslyan, but if I don't get in I made the move for nothing and geared my pre-reqs toward a school that I may not be able to use at another school. I am trying to avoid KU because of how expensive it is. I would consider KCKCC but it's an even further drive from Lawrence and I am not sure I'm willing to pack up and move even further from home. My sister is getting married in a year and as her maid of honor, and her living in Texas, being ever further away from her would be hard. I feel so anxious all the time from the constant changing of my plans! I am also frustrated that my grades are stopping me. I don't feel that I should be held back by a 3.5 but I am. I wish I could scream out that my grades don't reflect how good of a nurse I will be, and I'm sure the same applies to you. Pretty overwhelmed over here!
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    I know how you feel, but we're pretty opposite. My overall GPA isn't great, but I get great grades in my science courses. I got an A in microbiology (I've never worked so hard for a grade, and been more proud of myself for accomplishing an A), which was definitely the hardest class I've taken thus far, and my others are A's and B's as well. It's my overall GPA that isn't treating me very well, even though I do just fine in the classes that they want the high grades in.
    Sounds like there are lots of options for you, even though they will complicate your life somewhat. Maybe consider just taking the summer to think about what you really want; if there's even a chance that you'll get in to JCCC next year, is it worth the wait for you? With all your pre-reqs geared towards JCCC, if you end up somewhere else, it might tack on another semester or two to accomplish the requirements elsewhere. It's a sticky situation we're both in!
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    Edewalt, I am not very familiar with NAU. I understand it is really expensive, so I opted not to pursue for plan A or B. It may work well for you and your circumstances. The best of luck to you!
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    Thank you so much! Good luck to you as well

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