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Anyone else anxiously waiting to hear if they got an interview for the '11 Fall start for JCCC RN Program?:eek:... Read More

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    you are right - thats so true...Hopefully by the end of this week we will hear something?? Have a great week ladies!

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    Still haven't heard anything either.. I'll let you know as soon as I hear something, as long as you do the same for me! Thank you for posting to my relpies though, you're calming my nerves a lot because I thought maybe there was something wrong with the postal service, as I have changed my address since I sent in my application.. I thought maybe there was some confusion or something. So thanks again I'll let you know as soon as I get something!
    Don't be nervous; you have a fantastic GPA, your ACT score is good, and you've completed almost all the other class requirements! You'll be fine
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    Youre so sweet! Let me tell you, I feel better already chatting with others in the same boat!!! Im so obsessive though, this is all that Ive been thinking about! - Ill let you know if/when I get a letter!!!!
    Have a good afternoon!
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    Hey! I got my interview letter! - I set it up for next Tuesday morning!!!! - let the nerves begin!
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    I got my interview letter today too! I'm waiting to set up the time until tomorrow, so I can do it without kids screaming and dogs yapping in the background

    Good luck!
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    AHHH congratulations you two!! I still haven't gotten anything.. I'm getting super nervous!! Hopefully it's coming tomorrow I'll keep you updated!!
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    Well, looks like I didn't make it into the top 110. Congratulations to you though, I hope you both get in.
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    Did you not get a letter? you mentioned you moved? Maybe the post office is just slow?
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    edewalt...I am sorry, if you got a "no" letter...I know how much that stings, as I already received one of those from KU-Med's BSN program But...if you haven't heard anything, then maybe it is not what you think. I heard that the "no" letters were sent last week. In your shoes, if I hadn't heard anything yet, I'd call the nursing dept. and just ask. It's possible your letter was misdirected, and you only have 5 days from the receipt of the letter to schedule your interview.

    Interviews start next Monday, but I scheduled mine for Thursday. Eek! I am kind of freaked out about the interview now
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    I got the letter, it just wasn't the answer I was looking and hoping for. I plan on speaking with a counselor to find out how to make it happen for next year, or explore my options elsewhere. I did study at KU right after highschool, and I ended up blowing off my classess and wrecking my GPA. Since I've moved home, however, I've been slowly rebuilding it and doing really well at JCCC. Although my JCCC GPA is high, my cumulative GPA isn't so great, so I plan on spending the next year bulking up my GPA so hopefully I will get at least an interview next year!!
    Don't worry about the interview, I've heard it's a piece of cake! I do know, though, that they will ask you why you want to be a nurse, and they don't want the cliche answers such as "I just want to help people" and things like "I like the job security, pay and hours". So think long and hard about why you truly want to be a nurse! I'm sure you guys will do great.. wish me luck for next year, and post on here about how the interview goes for you! I'm totally interested in keeping up with you guys and hearing whether or not you get accepted into the program as well. Best of luck to you both, although I'm sure you don't need it
    If you don't mind my asking, are your GPA's super high? It's just that I think my GPA is what ruined it for me this year. Although I meet the minimum requirements, it's definitely not a 4.0. Talk with you soon.. er.. type with you soon? hehe.

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