I'm moving to Kansas City, Please Help :) I'm moving to Kansas City, Please Help :) | allnurses

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I'm moving to Kansas City, Please Help :)

  1. 0 Hi everyone !!!!!! I lived in Philadelphia my entire life and am planning a move to Kansas City in the beginning of July. I have been there five times before for a few days each visit. My boyfriend lives there right in the city and I'm moving to be with him. Anyway, I have a year and half medical surgical icu experience. I am specifically looking for information on agencys because I think my stay will only be short term. 5-6 months before he gets relocated with his job. If anyone has any information on agency names I would love to hear from you. I really need help. I don't even know where to start looking. Thanks everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I worked a little for Cascade while saving for a vacation. It is a locally owned agency, not a national chain. I found them to always have work for me if I wanted it, and I was very specific about what I wanted.


    Good luck! KC is a nice place to live.
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    go to google and type in Kansas nursing news. This is the nursing information paper that comes out every 2 weeks. It would be beneficial to you to sign up, but you can view online as well. All the agencies are in there in the employment section. A one stop shop so to speak. I grew up here in KC then moved to the Beltway. Get ready for good people, and a slower way of life even if it is for just a little while. We are the best kept secret here in the midwest.