go for ADN or continue for BSN due to economy??

  1. 0 hello i am a student currently who had planned to go for the ADN, but with the down turn of the economy i was wondering if it would be better to just continue taking prereqs for the BSN since this was my final goal anyways. i was going to finish it up after i got my ADN. so my question is do you know are the new grads here in kansas having a hard time finding employment like new grads in other areas? do the hospitals take a BSN as priority over the ADN? thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for any reply.
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    Ummm... I think the prefernce for BSN educated nurses depends on the facility, that certainly isn't true everywhere. I was face with this delimna about a year and a half ago I was taking prereqs for nursing school at a community college (because I was paying for it all myself& attempting to avoid loans as long as possible), which I had started straight out of highschool and was just about to finish the ones most schools required. I had planned to go straight for my rn. But was accepted into an lpn program, which I think was absolutely the best route for me, it was cheap and less than a yr, plus I was able to keep working some while in school. Now I am transitioning straight into an rn program. I think it all depends on you. Some people fear taking the baby steps approach because they believe they may not finish. I know that I will finish, and will earn my bsn. But I have to do it the way that works best for me. I decided to go for adn rather than trying to get into a lpn-bsn prgram which I thought of but for my family the longer I am not an rn I am missing out on money and unfortunately that is the way that I have to look@ it. I would suggest may be applying for both types of programs both r competitive and it would give u options.
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