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I am just curious if anyone here is currently in or has been in the nursing program at WSU. I am still a few semesters away from applying but was wanting to know what to expect as far as waiting... Read More

  1. by   BreatheFree
    Sounds like you are getting close. I hear that the patho class at WSU is great but hard.
    I still have a ways to go. I only finished one semester of college after I graduated high school. It's now 10 years and 4 kids later and I am going to school full time. I applied for several jobs this summer at the area hospitals but I can only work weekends so i never heard anything. I took a typing test for one hospital but thats it. I will probably take a CNA class next summer since I need some health care experience.
    A&P scares me. I don't have a ton of science background. I am taking Chemistry this semester.

    So when are you applying to the program?
  2. by   R2ndof7
    I am going to try to get all of my materials in for spring '09 (Sept. 1 deadline), though I don't have my heart set on it. I figure that it won't kill me to ease my way back into school, especially when it comes to finances.

    Good for you and Chemistry! I'm definitely a bigger fan of A & P (though they are complementary in many ways). Give me the acetabulum and sodium-potassium pumps any day over titrations, as contradictory as that sounds! I would love to hear how it goes for you. I am definitely excited to take Patho. I've been dying to really get into a good class for this!
  3. by   BreatheFree
    Thats exciting. I hope you can get all of your info ready. Are you already working in health care?
  4. by   R2ndof7
    I am using my nurse aid certification full-time currently at my local hospital. I really enjoy it and I have such a better idea of how things work, compared to what I knew going into classes in fall of '07. How about you?
  5. by   BreatheFree
    Did you have any trouble getting a hospital job with your cna? Did you have to work LTC first? I plan to get my cna by next summer and would prefer to work in a hospital. What dept are you working?
  6. by   R2ndof7
    I actually know that God had a hand in my acceptance at the hospital. It was my first ever CNA job, since I had just finished my training in August. I was sooo green and inexperienced. I needed it since I knew I couldn't be on my parents' insurance anymore without being a full-time student and thank goodness I got it!

    The manager hired me on the spot after a short interview (She has offered other possible hirees a shadow session, but I think that I was probably emphatic enough about the job that she didn't feel that was necessary in my case.) I had completed Foundations of Nursing, but I'm not sure what exactly influenced my manager's decision. She called my CNA instructor that day for a reference, which I assume was a positive one.

    So I said all of that to say that my hospital was very willing to hire me and was very much in need. I work on the Medical Unit, though I have recently oriented to CCU and to do telemetry, since we keep those monitors at our desk. I do tele once a week, watching the monitors and doing staff assignments for the next shift.

    No LTC for me, although I'm not opposed to the idea. We get quite a large population of geriatric patients in, so sometimes it does feel like LTC, only in a higher intensity setting.

    I highly recommend working as a CNA if you need more experience in health care. I've found that material and hands-on experiences stick with me much longer than textbook time. For instance, I'm pretty sure that I could insert a Foley without any problems!

    I hope your job search goes well! Let me know if you have any questions. When do you anticipate starting the nursing program?

    I've talked to techs from St. Francis and Via Christ - a lot busier than my hospital and a bit of a different set-up, where one aide works under several nurses. At mine, one aide is assigned to each nurse. It's a really nice arrangement, I find.
  7. by   BreatheFree
    That is great about the job. I plan to get my cna by next summer. I hope I can find something part time. With 4 kids and going to school full time there is no way I could work full time too. For now the job hunt is over. I was hoping to find something at the beginning of the summer but since I didn't I am not going to actively look for something.

    After the fall semester I will have 37 credit hours so I still have some time before I can apply. I thought about trying to get into Butler instead but WSU just feels right. Not sure if that makes sense.
  8. by   R2ndof7
    That makes sense to me. Right now, WSU is just my best option and I'll move ahead with that unless something else happens. Right now, I'm also exploring the option of Navy nursing after I graduate. That's certainly not something I ever anticipated looking into, but it's at least something to research right now in this rather low-key waiting period.

    I've had fun chatting with you about school! Take care and don't hesitate to stay in touch.
  9. by   jewishhatmaker
    I currently attend WSU and I'm trying to finish up my pre-req's (i changed majors and schools) and it looks like I won't be done with my pre-req's until the end of next spring '09. Im hoping to apply for the fall of '09 but I really need to meet (again) with a counselor to see all that i need ready before that. I know a Kansas law recently went into effect stating that if you did not attend an accredited Highschool than you must take the GED. I have not done that yet either so I need to get going! WSU is a great school and AP was not unbelievably hard when i took it from Dr.Kent Thomas last semester. I'm taking Micro from him next semester and then I need to do Patho the following semester. I currently work for Via Christi St.Joseph (almost 1 year) and I am the Surgical Supply Distribution Coordinator. I was previously a patient transporter and a PCT II working in pre-op/post-op and I loved it! I would highly recommend getting a job at a local hospital prior to putting so much energy into the nursing program. You will be able to quickly tell whether a health profession is the best fit for you or not. I have also talked to the WSU counselors abuot their admitting process if anyone has any questions. I am so glad I found these forums! Thanks and Good providence to you all!
  10. by   jewishhatmaker
    what the heck...I killed the thread? I was just trying to make new friends!
  11. by   Prettyc
    I am planning on applying to WSU nursing program for Fall 09. I dont have any prior expierence in nursing ie, CNA. How much do you think this will hinder me in getting accepted into the program?
  12. by   BreatheFree
    Anyone apply recently? How was the process? Interview? I won't be applying for two more semesters. I am already nervous though.
  13. by   Prettyc
    I just applied for FAll 2009 and I did not even get to the interview process. I got a letter saying there was too many qualified applicants and not enough spaces. They do not give any reason why I was not chosen. I have a 3.8gpa, I scored 84 on teas, they say they only use teas as pass/fail. I do not have any health care expierence like a cna or anything. The nursing advisor even mentioned that it was too late to get a cna when she talked to me about my plan of study. I plan on applying to butler for the Fall 2009, they have a bridge program with Wichita State where you end up getting bachelors degree too.