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brown mackie college anyone heard anything bad or good about them they are in salina kansas... Read More

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    I'm almost finished with the LPN program, then I'm going to continue on with there RN program. The school isn't too bad, I like the small class sizes, but they cram alot of info in a short period of time so its very stressful.

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    Quote from jandb917
    how do you like there school what program are u in
    so bside that do you like the program there have u heard anything bad about the school or had any problems with the program there i want to go there but im not eligble for financial aid so i will be paying for my own tuiton and i know they are a little bit more expensive
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    i'm attending the salina location too this december. i'm worried about the quality of education i will be receiving. from what i've noticed is that your not guaranteed into the clinicals. you have to apply and take a test before starting the clinicals and of course you can't graduate with out them. that makes me nervous because my pre-req class grades aren't that good. i'm still debating wether to attend but its better than waiting around for MATC.
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    I have heard of Brown Mackie College. I attend Gateway Community and Technical College in Edgewood, Kentucky. One of my professors said that they are VERY expensive but they are not an accredited school (credits will not transfer to a major university). I have not looked into this myself but thought i would pass along what ive heard, but like i said, i cant say its for sure. I would suggest doing a little research.

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