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Hi . I would love to hear from anyone doing Prat on line lvn to adn program. Thanks, Calliesue:spin:... Read More

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    I just got accepted to the Pratt online lpn-rn program that starts January 2011!! I am very excited. Can anyone tell me how long the program is after you finish the transition class?

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    A couple of weeks. I believe the transition course finishes up in the middle of Dec and the course starts the first week in Jan.. At least that's how it was when I did it. I graduated in 2009.
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    When I entered, I had a transition class that lasted a couple of weeks, then a couple of weeks off, and then the program officially started. It was about 11 months long.

    I was in the second class they ever had, I think I graduated 3 years ago? 4 years ago? I can't even remember some aspects of the program might have changed significantly since my time.
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    Hi. Would you please email me more infor about pratt college. Is there a waitlist, how much is the tuition, when are the intakes and clinicals. Also give me other kind of info that u think i might need.
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    kkairu, if you go to Pratt's website, they have most of that info available. I imagine, like everywhere else, there is a waiting list. You will have to ask someone from Pratt how long it is.
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    Is anyone looking into or planning to start the Pratt LPN to RN program this coming Jan. 2013? Has anyone recently this past year gone through it would really like to visit with anyone abour this program. You may email me at

    Thanks for your time
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    Hi bcarter63

    I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear from the Nursing Dept.... Compared to the other applicants I scored low considering there were many 80-90% scores I scored 65%. However I am still hopeful. I wish everyone well who gets in. Feel free to email me at who knows if we get in maybe we can be study buddies.

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