Any advice on getting into KC Area RN/BSN programs

  1. Is there anyone who has any advice on getting into either a BSN or Associate RN program. I would love to go to KU and intend on applying in July for Fall of 2011. From my research I have not heard or seen the best things regarding KCKCC nursing program. I checked out the Board Of Nursing State of Kansas web site where they post the passing rate for every RN/BSN program in the state from 2004-2009 and they had the worst passing rate in the state practically! Doing pre-reqs there is fine though. I have a 3.5 and I have almost all my pre-reqs done which means Iam also about to receive my AS degree. Like I said above I would like to go to KU. I have been a CNA for 10 years this year. I started that when I was in HS at 16. I have not worked as a CNA in the last couple years but I have 8 years working experience in Elderly Care, ICU, Med Surg, OB, Rehabilitation, Adult Psychiatric, I have even worked at KU via my staffing agency in there Asthma & Allergy Clinic, Neurology Clinic and Anesthesiology Pain Clinic. I do NOT have any volunteer experience but I believe I have proven committed to Nursing, Ive never even taken a college class that did not have to do with the nursing major. After reading how hard it is to get in everywhere Im nervous I wont even be able to get into an associate program any where unless I move or something. Does anyone have any advice?
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  3. by   ICU_RN_BSN
    so many wanting to get into nursing school have no idea about the career at all...but it looks like you do. With your GPA and all experience, you have a real chance of getting into KU. Do NOT go to kck..I have heard horror stories and hospitals don't want the graduates-totally unprepared..I have heard good things about johnson county community college program but they are probably more competitive than BSN programs..I wanted to go to KU too but you may want to play it safe and apply to other BSN programs...research at rockhurst, st lukes, washburn, baker. But then all the nursing schools require different prereqs....that's the hardest part. Neosho county has an ASN program too...lots of options..but I personally want a BSN-the get more experience and get to do more stuff..and if you ever want to get your masters you will need the bachelors.