... is it even possible?

  1. I posted this in the MO forum but didn't get as much response as i was hoping, so lets see what you guys think....

    Would it even be possible for me to get into a nursing program with this as my situation:

    My first 3 semesters of college I did horribly in school, very bad grades.
    For the past few semesters I have had very good grades (3.5/4.0)... but my gpa is still around 3.0 and i used a gpa calculator and found it will be almost impossible to bring it up to even a 3.5 (like 100+ credit hours would be needed or something)

    I will be starting volunteer this month and getting CNA certification after taking the class in the spring, then getting a job at a hospital sometime around March hopefully in the kcmo/johnson county area.

    I will have all pre-reqs/core-reqs done for most of the BSN programs and ADN programs by the end of next fall for NS deadlines in janurary of 2010.

    With the little experience I have should I apply for any RN nursing programs next fall/winter (09/10) .... or should I wait until the fall/winter after that (10/11)? Would I even get accepted to a school?

    will they take into consideration the fact that my grades have improved and been great for atleast 2 years when they go thru applications or will they just look at the overall GPA?

    Let me know, any input you all have is great! Thanks!!
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  3. by   mihereteab

    You have several options
    1) you can go for you BSN
    2) you can go for you ADN,
    3) you can go for LPN and bridget to RN, this is the easiest way to get in nursing.

    I went for my LPN and am in the RN bridge program currently.

    As for you GPA, it might be hard to get in the ADN or BSN programs with your GPA, although not impossible.

    Your best bet would be to go for your LPN, and make sure you get good grades and bridge to the RN or BSN.

    Hope that helps
  4. by   amb_lyn
    I too have received my LPN and am hoping to bridge over to RN starting in Jan. I should find out this week if I"ve been accepted or not. *Crossing fingers!!*
  5. by   sarahuh
    I think some programs only consider the GPA of the courses that apply to their program I believe. I would not take the LPN to RN route myself. The LPN bridges in our program have developed the "i have worked as an LPN and THIS is how I do it" and they can't seem to get in their head that it doesn't matter how they do it, it matters what the instructors teach, whats on the tests/check offs, and what State puts on their boards. they can do it their way ALL day...but it probably won't get them through nursing school. but if you can get past it, then they're probably right, it takes longer to do the LPN to RN route, so not as many people are doing it, so its easier to get in. I'm not sure that going the BSN route first off is easier...but it might be.
  6. by   heathert_kc
    If your grades aren't as wonderful as you would like I too would suggest the LPN route; there are several schools that focus mostly on your requisite gpa more than your overall gpa (mostly community college 2-year programs) you should find out if that is the case for the schools that you are looking at; consider retaking the prerequisites that you didn't do well in.
  7. by   smurry08
    IT IS DEFINATELY POSSIBLE!!! I went to KCKCC and for gpa they base it off your five science classes. Dont give up! I would not go the lpn to rn route simply because it takes longer . I got my adn then bridged for my bsn . Bsn first I fthink is the better way to go from the beggining if you have the time. I had two kids etc so I needed to bne making rn pay asap . good luck!