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hi everyone. i am just interested in finding out if any lpns in iowa feel like they are being phased out of the workforce.i am a lpn and feel only thing to do is work in ltc.and so far places where i... Read More

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    Harleygirl said..

    "And it seems to me that clinics are leaning more toward hiring CMA's and phasing nurses out altogether. Which I think is sad, but in the clinic, the CMA's training is specially for clinic use, i.e. blood draws, X-ray, etc."

    Now, why do you think that is so sad? I was a CMA before I was an Lpn and I worked quite hard to get it. Do you not think that CMA's deserve to have a job? I am afraid I just don't understant all the MA bashing I've read on these boards from time to time.

    MA's work very hard and personally I think the more you know about a medical office and or administrative aspect of any medical facility is a bonus. I was given 2.00 an hour more as an Lpn, simply because I knew how to do administrative things as well.

    After all, knowledge is power!

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    Hope you don't mind, but where do you work? Do they need a weekend LPN???

    Quote from purple_rose_3
    I work at a Skilled Nursing Home in Southeast Iowa as an LPN and I make 17.39/hour with .50 on weekends. Hope that helps!
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    Hello...I know alot of the smaller hospitals still hire LPN' Marengo and such...I worked for Mercy in CR and in certain area's LPN's were still hired..we hired them all the time in Dialysis!! GL!!

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