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I may be moving to the Cedar Rapids area this summer. I'm an RN and have over 25 years of experience. Can anyone give me the low down on the area hospitals? Can anyone give me an opinion as far as which ones are good places to... Read More

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    Thanks for the info Riker3.

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    Can I ask what specialty you are or what you will be looking into? I can answer any questions you might have about Mercy Cedar Rapids.
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    i have worked in a variety of clinical settings including or and home health. currently iím working in the same day surgery department at a local hospital (ambulatory care, gi, pre-post). i have a bsn (boston college) and i'm also a certified post anesthesia nurse. thanks for the help.
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    Don't try to get a job "for the summer" it will take that long to go through the hire process. Get a travel job and that will eliminate St. Luke's hospital as they don't use travelers.

    CR has only 2 hospitals and they are 2 blockes apart.

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