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  1. Hey everyone, I am hoping for some advice. I graduated nursing school August 9th and am taking my boards at the end of the month (eek!). I live in Tennessee currently and that is where I am taking my NCLEX. I plan on getting a job down here until I can find a job in Iowa (and get my license transferred, etc). I am moving in with a family member in a small town in Iowa that is about 30-45 minutes away from Dubuque and QC. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice as to which hospitals hire new nurses (no experience...I have worked in the criminal justice field for years) and just general views on the hospitals in each area. Trinity in QC had a few new nurse jobs open, but I have heard that they still expect experience, just less than 1 year. I appreciate any and all help, and can't wait to start my career up there!
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  3. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Hi there!! I'm 15 minutes from DBQ and my best friend lives in QC. I have a friend who is an RN at Genesis in D-port. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the pay in this area is absolute crap for RN's. My friend at Genesis is in NICU with 7 years experience and makes $20 per hour.
    There are lots of listings for RN's in this area, but I'm not entirely sure what they expect as far as experience or how they are about hiring new grads. I do see lots of ads that specifically state that ADN degrees are perfectly acceptable.
    Iowa is notorious (at least in this section of Iowa that you're relocating to) for paying RN's crap wages, 2nd lowest in the nation last I've heard). I live in WI and when I told my friend what my salary is for my first nursing position, she cried. Literally. One good thing, gas in Iowa is cheaper, so maybe commuting will be a possibility!
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    I am a new grad nurse myself, just recently moved outside of Dubuque, Iowa. It appears a lot of the jobs listed want ACLS and PALS certification. I don't have either but I'm also having trouble locating somewhere that offers these classes. I don't want to take these online. Any advice?

  5. by   editingeyes
    ColleenRN2B - can you give me some names in the border area of Wisconsin that have good hospitals? What type of pay difference are we talking about? I am also looking at Quad Cities, which includes some Illinois towns, and I imagine they might pay more as well. Here in Tennessee the pay is not all that fabulous - we start out about $20 or $21, but to earn that after 7 years is crazy! I have two Bachelor's degrees - one in Criminology and then in Nursing. I eventually would like to work psych, but I feel like I need regular nursing experience first. Driving isn't a horrendous deal for me, I just have to re-learn how to drive in the snow! I grew up right outside of Chicago but have lived in TN and FL for the past 10 years, so that skill has diminished, lol. I appreciate all the help so far!

    docbacon - hey, have you tried the Red Cross? I can't get their class website to pull up, but I imagine if called they would answer. Eastern Iowa Community College shows that they have both classes, but I'm not sure when they offer them. Here is the link for that: EMS Classes-Eastern Iowa Community Colleges
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    Keep in mind that IL is not part of the compact licensing agreement, so you'd need a separate license if you're thinking IL at all. Janesville has good hospitals, as well as Monroe--depending on where you want to drive to. The closest hospitals to DBQ in WI are very small hospitals, but Janesville is bigger. Across the river from the QC I'm not very familiar with, but can do some asking around if you're interested.
    Near QC, still in IA is Clinton, don't know much about their system though. DBQ has Mercy and Finley, neither pay as well as WI hospitals.
  7. by   editingeyes
    Yup, Illinois isn't, but hopefully will be soon (legislature has been written to get them to be involved as a compact state). I'll definitely look in to Janesville. I forgot about Clinton - thanks for reminding me! I have also peeked at a few hospitals in Davenport. Right now I am so open minded as to where I will go it is crazy. As long as it is driving distance then it is an option for me. I know that, regardless of what the news says, it is still not the easiest thing in the world to get a job with no nursing experience even with the degree. What type of floor do you work on now?
  8. by   serenidad2004
    I work for mercy in clinton have for the last 9yrs i know they hire new grads without experience... i believe base rate is close to $21. From what Ive heard mercys base is higher than genisis in dport dont know about trinity tho good luck!
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    mcuatlacuatl - thanks for the post! I'll definitely look into Mercy in Clinton. What type of floor do you work on? That is a good sign that you have been there for 9 years - they must treat their nurses well! Thanks again!
  10. by   serenidad2004
    I work in renal... just transfered from skilled/LTC about 6months ago and I love it! I do know they have PCU and SNF positions open now and i think some in med/surg and hospice/homecare.