Zayed Military Hospital and Al-Noor?

  1. Did anyone of you work in ZAYED MILITARY HOSPITAL or AL-NOOR HOSPITAL in ABU DHABI? Please post your feedback. Thanks!
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  3. by   flyinghigh
    hello extreme-
    are you having any job offer from them??

    If it is -go for Zayed military hospital -it is govt hospital and you will get very very good salary plus great benefits wehre as al noor is pvt hospital--lesser salary than zayed hosp ----close your eyes and pick up zayed hosp offer.
  4. by   extreme
    There are job openings for those hospital. And I am planning to apply. But have you tried working there? Thanks!
  5. by   flyinghigh
    I had a friend working there few years back.
    I know about it and advicing if u are getting in Zayed hospi---consider yourself very lucky ---great benefit for you and your family other than the very good salary.
    all the best--
  6. by   bright.minds
    Zayed Military hospital is a vast facility. It also has most of the best benefits for allied health/nurses and medical practitioners. Currently ZMH offers the highest range among the medical communities in Abu Dhabi and surrounding emirates. You will need a lot of personal and professional discipline as this is a strictly military (and only military)
    hospital, catering only to UAE service members and dependents. Consider yourself lucky to be offered a post with ZMH and its units.
  7. by   quackmoonstar
    Where did you find about their job opening? I googled Zayed Military Hospital but I can't find their website. (I was thinking of applying online.)
  8. by   bright.minds
    ZMH itself has no recruitment website as this is the exclusive UAE military hospital, catering only to staffers and dependents of the UAE General Head Quarters (navy,army, military, airforce and other units)

    this hospital faility is extremely restricted to civilians. visit the website of GMS, that's Global Medical Solutions, LLC, which is the internal recruitment and human resource of all GHQ medical units.
  9. by   bright.minds
    nurses and allied medicals must have at least 3 years MINIMUM hospital experience, and totally qualified and exposed to your area of specialization for your application to be considered for preliminary review.
  10. by   drenny
    does anyone knows the direct email of zayed hospital- huamn resources?
    please email me.
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  11. by   fazz
    is it true nurses here will have ranks allocated?
  12. by   sydnette
    Hello everyone,Im new to the site.Ive read your post & me too im enterested in applying in UAE.Im currectly having a canadian license & be a citizen soon.Im just hoping to get more input from you guys.Its very helpful to read your post.
  13. by   sydnette
    Do you mind telling me how much is the pay in Zayed military hospital?Can anyone tell me.How about there benefits,esp i have 2 sons.And also their vacation.Thanks.
  14. by   USnurse1611
    Anyone got an idea with regards to salary range of US nurses to work in SAUDI? Thanks!