Working in Muscat Oman any info?

  1. I have a job offer in Muscat Oman as an ICU-CCU nurse do you have any idea how much is the salary for me with my 10 years of experience here in the Philippines on the same area? What about the cost of living? Climate? Any social restrictions? Food? Benifits that i should get? they do have offers but i want to compare it with others if it is well within the range. Thank you very much!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Each agency has its own rates. That goes for any agency. When doing a contract like that, you usually get paid the same, no matter what your experience is. The more experience, the better pick of positions, but that is it.

    Same thing for travel nursing positions in the US.
  4. by   mikee5
    Thanks Suzanne, my contract is negotiable that is why i want to get any info about my real worth in Oman so that I can bargain more for my salary and benefits. If the offer is near to whatever info I can get here I might as well accept it.
  5. by   AlinaMathew
    Dear Mikee5,

    I am an Indian Nurse working in Muscat in one of the top government hospitals for the last 6 years. We, expatriate nurses are trying to get out of this country as soon as possible.

    The reason(s) are:
    Low Salary. Starting Salary is Omani Rials 200 (approx. US dollars 515) including all allowances.

    Job discrimination. You will see that your 10 year experience has nothing to do with your job. You will be treated as a fresh graduate unless you are offered a Senior post.

    No Job equality. Lot of local girls are entering into this profession and the government has a policy of promoting their interests. Newly graduated Omani nurses are getting atleast 2 times salary of an expatriate experienced nurse and they will be eventually promoted and you will be surprised to see that they are your supervisors. .

    No flexibility.

    We describe the atmosphere here as a new form of Slavary. No overtime. You have to work according to the will of your supervisors.

    This is a typcial Arab country.

    It will be better if you can find a place where there is job equality, good pay and perks, social-cultural freedom and peace of mind.


    April-October: Temperature 35 - 50 Deg. C
    Nov - March: Temprature 16-28 Deg C
    Rain: Very Rare - There may be 3- 4 days in a year.

    Private sector jobs are little more better but better to talk with your agency first and find out the position, salary, allowances, air tickets, accommodation, etc. All such things are to be mutually agreed and signed by both parties.
  6. by   mikee5
    Hello Alina i sent a pm to you ! hope you can answer more of my questions. Thanks!!!!
  7. by   metallicalady
    RE: working in Muscat, Oman
    Could anyone give me information as to the salary paid to extremely exprienced CCU/ICU/DON nurse that is being actively recruited as i live in nurse
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  8. by   shakugan
    hi there.. i was offered in MOH OMAN in ROYAL HOSpital as oby-gyne staff nurse.. the salary is 275 o.r. IS this reasonable? though they provide free accomodation . water and electricity, transpo allowance, annual increment.. i dont know what they mean of technical allowance.. but bottomline is should i accept this offer though the contract is only one year renewable
  9. by   pusangnirvana
    I also have an offer for Royal Hospital. I'll be leaving this 31 august.. If you have more than 5 yrs experience you have increments and they consider your experience. My offer is quite high compared to saudi arabia, my rea is NICU. In every company there will always be a negative part, it's up to you how to handle it. So I guess starting salary is reasonable if it's basic, eventually it gets higher as year pass by..