Working abroad, specifically Israel as a male nurse?

  1. Hi, so it's getting closer and closer to my acceptance in a nursing program (almost there, one more semester to go ), and I'm thinking about all the ways I want to use nursing.

    One of the major draws for me into the nursing field is being able to work abroad, and I couldn't imaging a better place for me than Israel. I have a working knowledge of Hebrew (I'm not completely fluent, but I understand it enough to carry on conversations of any kind, watch israeli movies in hebrew without much difficulty, and I can read and write it) I'm just wondering what would need to happen to get me there?

    And then what are the attitudes towards nurses in Israel, specifically male nursing?

    I'm assuming I would need at least a bachelors and some experience first...

    and where would I find information on the scope of practice for RNs in Israel vr. America? If there's a handy resource it would be a useful thing for knowledge sake for all work abroad.

    Any advice or tips?
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    Hi! I think I can help you a bit I too would like to make Aliya and work in Israel as a nurse (after getting some experience here first as well as my BSN) so have already done quite a bit of research on the topic, most of which can be found on the Nefesh B'nefesh website (an organization which assists with making Aliya and btw, you should definitely get their help when making the move!)
    So it states that one must pass what is kind of the NCLEX of Israel. I heard they have it in English but not sure... definitely have to pass a Hebrew proficiency exam though. In order to even qualify for the exam the Ministry of Health must approve of the transcripts from USA and if you are missing any classes that they require you will have to take those as well. Oh and you MUST have your BSN to even be considered. I only have my ADN now so will have to get that done be4 moving... unless u decide to do it there. Also must complete a manditory 98 hour internship before becoming a nurse in Israel. I forgot some other details but it seems really crazy. I plan on doing it anyway! Because I cant imagine myself living long term anywhere but there! I dont know how males are regarded there... I am sure they have a great need for male nurses yet they may not do too well socially... (perhaps Israel doesnt view male nursing as open mindedly as us Americans do).
    I heard nurses there get paid really little... but then again, anything for a life's dream. So I plan on making Aliya either way
    We should stay in touch and network, help each other out. PM me and let's talk!

    All the best!
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    this is really helpful information! im very young but i know that i want my occupation to be nursing and that i want to make aliya and live in Israel. I have alot of work to do but thank u for ur advice! good luck to both of u!!
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    hi , im a registered nurse(male) here in philippines wishes to work in israel. im currently processing my document .. . im wondering if they will aknowledge my trainings such as IVT, BLS, ACLS etc.....? what is aliya.. i guess i need to pass hebrew proficiency first.