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So I am curious to know if any American is doing this? Perhaps I will be the first. I have previous lived in Germany 3.5 years and speak fluent German. My boyfriend is German and lives in Stuttgart and we are trying to figure... Read More

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    Quote from fabienne
    I am a Swiss citizen and I work there as a RN. Nurse practitioners( or Pflegeexperten as we call them ) usually don't work in immediate patient care here. It's mainly in management, research,etc...Living in Germany( border area) and working in Switzerland is a pretty good thing if you can do it. You pay less tax in Germany and also the costs of living are not even close as high as they are here....BUT you get a Swiss salary every month that you can live off.I would do that too...(-:
    You can contact me anytime you want and hopefully I can help you with some of the questions you have.

    Hi, I meant to quote your reply lol. Can I contact you about Switzerland, I have some questions?
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    Quote from Skozicki
    My husband and I will be moving to Switzerland in 1.5 years. I will have my Associates RN by then and may be working on my BSN. As and RN will I need my BSN to be hired? Will a BSN make me more attractive to employers or increase my salary as it does in the US?

    I appreciate any information or guidance.

    Dear Shanda,
    I read all your postings,
    I am a Registered Nurse, living in Texas with my family ( husband and two daughters). We are discussing in our family also to move to Switzerland or border area to Austria to work as RN in the next couple of years. My husband and I lived before in Zurich area for couple of years and we know the life there. My husband has some business there and he travels every month fro Dallas. The most difficulty in that part of country is to get any information precisely, specifically on how to register with US degree RN with Swiss Redcross and to seek work permit. The rule changes periodically. The inforamtion in Swiss society is not free flowing like in USA government websites, and is only need to know basis. Moreover language problem is always there for people coming from English speaking countries,. Did you check the website "". There is some information about Nurses seeking job in Switzerland. My husband has requested some information from his friend, who lives in Zurich and I am waiting before I start my application to Swiss Red Cross. Do you have any information on this? may be we can exchange our information to help each other? Any help you need I will ask my husband to find out for you as he travels every month to Switzerland on business. Waiting for your reply. with best regards, cmurthy
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    Question for Nurses in Switzerland

    I am a second generation Swiss-American family nurse practitioner student in California. It would be nice to hear from a nurse or "expert nurse" in Switzerland on the possibilities of finding work as a new grad. Being in northern California with the job shortage, I may not have worked as a nurse or NP by the time I get my MSN. Will it be possible to get a job in research or in a hospital in Switzerland with no experience???
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    Thank you all for your replies. My husband and I spent a few weeks in Switzerland this past December. While we loved the environment, culture, etc. With three children we don't think we will be able to afford to feed our children in Switzerland. The cost of living is a little more than what we experience currently but the most dramatic difference is food. While the staples of chocolate and cheese are relatively inexpensive, eggs and meats are quite a bit more than current prices. They do taste so much better though.


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