What is Packet 3 n Packet 4? plz can any one explain

  1. 0 Hi,
    I got I-140 approval on November and submitted the payment for NVC.. wot is packet 3 n packet 4? is it a long process? I thought I'm nearly tp be done and get my green card..Plzzzzzz anyone can explain..TY
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    The 1-140 is just the initial approval, there are these two last steps but the normally move much faster. You will now need to complete the documents for the Packet 3 and submit those. If you do a search on this forum, you will find a post that lists each step in detail.

    Happy New Year.......................
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    Packet 3 contains the ds-230 forms which you need to fill up. Also it contains instructions on what document to prepare for the submission together with the ds-230 forms.

    Packet 4 is the appointment letter. It contains the appointment letter for the interview and a set of instructions on what to prepare for the interview.
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    Hello, my 1-140 got approved on 8th, November, however, my lawyer told me that they are still waiting for the fee bill package, i wonder why Mervat can file your fee bill earier while i am behind of you ?
    by the way, Happy new year to all of you!
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    awww..still dont know wot how long packet 3 and 4 take..anywa thxxxx for replying..I need more info about them packets ffs.
    I got my approval on Nov 10th..and recieved my fee bill for NVC on Dec 3rd
    but i paid it later.:blushkiss
    Happyyyyyyy New Yearrrrrrr for u all.....kissesssssss xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    :smiley_aa :biere: :hatparty:
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