Was my nursing degree a waste of time??

  1. Hello from NS out there. i was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I've been nursing for a number of years now, and find I don't want to be the bedside nurse on a busy unit, or work in a nursing home (been there, tried that). I was wondering where I might try - what about case management, clinics, or school nursing......how do you go about getting into these areas of nursing. What about working for companies or something......I'm thinking nursing may have been a mistake for me. Can anyone help please??
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  3. by   Fiona59
    When you say clinics what exactly do you mean? Wound clinics in the hospital or family practice type settings?

    Doctors clinics usually hire LPNs and have maybe one RN on site.

    School Nursing falls under public health in my province. They don't have a nurse for a school anymore. Rather you drop into schools as needed, usually immunization day and short talks on hygiene.

    Case Management? Who knows. I do know that the patient managers in my hospital got there by seniority. There are a few that are there due to accomodation requirements.

    Nursing in Canada is unionized and it's not the same as reading the US parts of AN. We tend to have to tough it out and hope that where we want to land up will eventually open up. I've got over ten years bedside experience and still don't have enough seniority for a job in the wound clinic in my health authority.