US nursing student wants to work internationally-how?!

  1. 0 Hi, I am currently a sophomore in college and will graduate with my BSN and take the NCLEX in 2015. It is my goal to work internationally and I hope to ultimately work for Doctors Without Borders or another NGO. I also plan to get my DNP in the coming years after I've gained a little experience and worked off my student loan. My questions concerns how to work I in another country as a RN before I am able to work for an NGO. I have heard you need to go through an agency, is this true? There isn't a place in the world I wouldn't mind working and I hope to work in many countries. I just need some advice or a guide on how to go about going after my passions and dreams. Anything helps, thanks!
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    You would need local licensure in most other countries, as well as legal status to work in that country. It's somewhat complicated; they don't just automatically welcome US RNs (just as we don't automatically welcome RNs from other countries.
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