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    I am considering the post RN to BSN (distance) program through the University of Victoria. I am just wondering if anyone has taken this program and what they thought?
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    I am starting the RN to BSN distance program at UVic Jan 2013. I too, would love to hear from anyone currently enrolled. I am working full time nights ICU in California and am wondering how heavy a course load I should take. I also have 3 boys. i want to get my BSN as quickly as possible, but don't want to overdo it either. I was thinking I could finish in 18 months at the most.

    i have my diploma from Centennial College in Ontario, and also a BSc. Bio from U of Toronto. It doesn't look like UVic is going to give me much in terms of transfer credits, but hopefully I can challenge or PLA some courses and not have to do all of them

    Can anyone let me know some of the pros and con of Uvic online. Has anyone had any luck with transfer credits or challenging any courses?
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