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  1. 0 I am seeking some advice am a uk trained nurse. Recently I applied to cgfns for the CP programme. only to be told that I lack child branch clinical hours. My question is where in the usa i can do a programme to gain these clinical hours . work there. I don't need a green card. I already have one. And I over 7 years experience as an RN. The state that I Am looking to work in is Connecticut. Thanks in advance
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    All US states require nurses to be generalist trained with theory & clinical hours in adult, pediatric, geriatric, maternity/OB and mental health.

    There are very few schools that will permit you to just take the pediatric theory & clinical as schools integrate required learning into the curriculum.

    Most state boards of nursing have a list of approved nursing programs. You could try contacting nursing schools and explaining your dilemma to see if they would be willing to accommodate your needs
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