uk adult nurse wanting to re-locate to new york. what is the process and how long?

  1. I really want to work in the USA, especially in New York, but i'm having trouble working out the licensing and visa process and how long it can take and how much money it will cost. Is it even possible as I am only an adult nurse or wil I need to do any further education? Are there any agencies which help you/sponsor you to work for a few months at a time?
    I would welcome any advice/comments, thanks
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Hi and welcome to the site

    US nurses are required to be general trained and therefore hours on your transcripts both clinical and theory are required in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult. Currently not all UK nurses meet requirements and there are no courses available at the moment in the UK to make hours up.

    Next Nurses are currently affected by retrogression and the current wait is 5+ years for a immigrant visa and that is once you have met state requirements sat and passed NCLEX and found e employer willing to go through the process so add a year or 2 on top of the 5 to give you an approx time frame.

    Nurses that live and work in NY are struggling to find work and hospitals are closing so finding an agency or hospital willing to go the route will be hard.

    Suggest a good read in this forum as there are threads discussing New York and license application as well as retrogression
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    thanks for that. very helpful. do you know how possible it is to work as an untrained nurse/healthcare assistant in the US?
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    Quote from scolo
    Thank you very much- very help ful. Do you know how possible it is to work as an untrained nurse/healthcare assistant or equivalent in the US?
    Getting a visa allowing you to work in this will be next to impossible. The US only want skilled workers.