Steps for NZ nurse to gain registration in NY

  1. hi guys, I am very interested to become a RN in NY in the future. Can anybody provide relevant and step-by-step details of how to process my application please? (i.e. CGFNS, NCLEX) By the way I gained my degree in New Zealand. Thanks
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Moved to the International forum as many NY nurses will not know the process for International trained nurses.

    Once you qualify would suggest you check the NY BON website and check what the process is. Currently it is CVS which is with CGFNS and takes approx 6 months and then paperwork is passed to NY BON where you also need to submit a application and then wait for eligibility to sit NCLEX. Your transcripts needs to cover Paeds, Mental health, Obstetrics and Adult both in theory and clinical to meet requirements.