SSN on NCLEX Apllication

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    I am new here and has been reading almost all of the blogs on nurses. I do not know how to feel but I got too confused and too scared to apply for my NCLEX. I am a RN in PI and a graduate of a university in Pangasinan in 2011. I am presently residing here in Pasadena, Ca under H4 visa. I emailed BON Ca regarding the SSN since H4 visas are not given one. They replied the next day stating that I cannot apply for NCLEX since I need a valid SSN. This again gave me hopelessness. Is there anyone here who knows certain states that does not need SSN? I emailed NM too and they said I need one to apply.

    Thank you and God bless.
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    Kabayan, try NY or TX. But understand that even if you get the ATT and pass in any state without the SSN, you'll not be able to get your license endorsed into a State that needs a SSN.

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