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Just realized that there's no thread for nurses from South America. What's the deal?... Read More

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    Why should be?

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    Quote from wmarat
    Why should be?
    sorry. I don't understand your point. What should be, what?
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    Hi everybody!! Is there any Southamerican nurse working in NJ or near? Any other place?
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    Hello fellow nurses! I am an RN from California with experience in semi-acute (step down) hospital nursing. I have three years experience in California in a big hospital. Now I am living in Lima, Peru for a year to enjoy this beautiful country, but also to improve my intermediate-level spanish and try to acquire experience working in this great country. Any Peruana/Peruano nurses out there? Could you possibly update this forum about working as a nurse in Lima? Is there work available in hospitals or clinics? Is it possible for a foreigner with intermediate-advanced spanish to find work? Volunteering groups available for weekends or full time, in or near Lima? Thanks so much.

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